My Banded Time

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeling Unworthy at my Band anniversary and Still FAT!

My band anniversary came and went 9/15.  I was deluged with work 10 hour work days, busy afternoon/evening/weekends filled with kid activities.  I have lost weight and I am smaller than last year and I am healthier, but: I'M STILL FAT and not at my ideal BMI.  There are no cute pics with size 6 pants on.  The Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve patients in our practice that had surgery the same time I did are a lot smaller.  Many are smaller than me.  I do have thyroid issues and am officially going through menopause.  My surgery office said they are surprised I was able to lose weight.  But still...I was feeling low and defeated during my anniversary.  But I'm back and I've amped up my exercise which kind of stopped during my heavy work schedule during the summer.  I'm eating more cleanly...the 2nd year will be the year that I reach GOAL...So that explains my little break from blogging...just felt down and unworthy!  I'm glad to be back and to read about your successes and your thoughts...


PS thank you for your sweet notes!  A disclaimer...the band does work...I was just hoping to be done and finished and thin forever.  But I realize that even when I do reach my ideal BMI, maintenance will be a life long journey.  I just wanted to be done and in maintenance right now.