My Banded Time

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I went Boogie Boarding on the Beach

I put on a swim suit, went to the beach, played in the water and even boogie boarded.  My sons were stunned.  They both said, "we have never seen you put on a swim suit at the beach".  My body is not perfect but it is getting more healthy and I feel more comfortable with myself.  That is my NSV for the day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

TLC: The Big Sexy

This show show cases 4 heavy women who are happy with their large bodies and who know how to "work" it.  I'm being completely honest, I never felt really high self esteem at my highest weight...I never felt attractive...I felt so unhealthy...Maybe its being in in DC and in a firm and community where most people have really low body fat and are very health conscious? Maybe its being Asian and in a family and social circle where the average pant size of my female relatives and friends is size 4.   I felt proud of myself and my accomplishments and my parenting but I never felt like I could "work it".  On one level I really fear for these women because obesity is so dangerous...but on one level I really admire their self confidence.  What do you think?

I'm in Sandbridge VA...the weather has been gorgeous I'm glad we didn't cancel...there has been relatively little damage.  The beach front place we are staying is gorgeous...and more importantly we have had such wonderful family time together.

Hope you are well.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for the storm with healthy foods that are low in saturated fat

We are in Williamsburg, waiting out the storm.  The ride down south was stressful, not knowing if our vacation house would be decimated by the storm...but once we got to Wolf Lodge, it has actually been wonderful.  We are stranded in a Lodge with huge sprinklers and in door pools and slides..the kids are in heaven and we are in heaven because the kids are happy.  We having a wonderful time riding out the storm in a lodge that has generators for back up power. It has not been crowded. 

The only issue I've had is that as we drove down south, it has become a junk food haven...Because its resorty I just see Shoney's, McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Sonics everywhere.  I went to the local Walmart supermarket and we loaded up on water, fruit, lean cuisine.  Normally I would see vacation as a time to indulge but the thought really grossed me out this year.  I'm not a food nazi, I will have a cheese fry or two but I can't eat this as a meal.  Thank God!!!  I consider this an NSV.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing up with the band

The last week or two at work has been filled with drama:
  • An earthquake that caused the evacuation of our building
  • Our team lead got an bee bite that sent her to the emergency room
  • A 2nd earthquake which caused one of our team members condo to flood
  • One team members former father in law (but best friend) died and he had to fly to Oklahoma for the funeral
  • Another team member was out sick due to complications from prostate surgery....
So my work load has been really heavy at times.  I used to think that I really need to quit and become a kindergarten teacher or work at a book store.  But I realize I really like what I do and that the compensation allows me to provide my kids with security and advantages that I never had.   Part of having the band is being more adult and dealing with pressure and stress in a more balanced way (versus eating away stress and allowing my butt and body to get bigger).

Wish me luck...of course our beach vacation starts Saturday and the place where we rent our beach house (Sandbridge VA) is having a mandatory evacuation.  We will be in Williamsburg for a day or two at Wolf Lodge (A hotel with in door pools and sprinklers) so we might just extend it and see what happens since we bought vacation insurance.  The weather is supposed to be great Monday on...and I really need a vacation.

Hope you are well sweet friends.  I'm hoping to blog and read a lot and catch up with all of you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

When in doubt blog blog is a lifeline!

I've been busy with work...I finished 8 weeks of an incredibly difficult project with a difficult project lead...It went well...the client loved it, the difficult lead praised me...And then the project lead chewed out one of the subcontractors and she got in trouble by the client LOL!!!!  KARMA  I don't wish her ill, I'm just glad I'm not working with her anymore.  She's the type of female manager that would fixate on formatting and hold 3 hour meetings when we are trying to actually do work.  STRESSFUL.

So I've been disengaged but I realize that blogging is a critical part of my weight loss journey.  By reading, commenting; I truly learn so much and internalize such good habits/healthy thoughts.   I'm not ready to live without is a lifeline...Thank you friends...I missed you.