My Banded Time

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Carnie Wilson? A Bandster? Wow..Welcome to the club!

I"m sure a lot of you have read the news that Carnie Wilson has the lap band.   She's a bandster..Back to Carnie...I hope that everything works out...she has encountered praise for her weight loss efforts but so much criticism...Here is a woman who opens her heart and tells people about overcoming her greatest challenge and then people criticize her for getting surgery and then for getting fat again...What right do they have?  What right does anyone have in criticizing the way someone looks? I applaud her for putting herself out there and I only wish her luck.

As much as I wish I had gotten a gastric bypass, I"m reminded that the band was an excellent decision for me...Surgery was relatively non invasive with no complications and its instituted long term habit changes for me.I don't criticize other WLS...whatever works toward bringing people to better health outcomes is a good thing.

Carnie, more power to you!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Changing my lifestyle -MOI

I'm coming up for air!  My work schedule is manageable and so is my husband's.  I've decided I'm going to carve out 3 days for exercise and relaxation for moi.  Sometimes my schedule seems impossible but I realize that my kids are older, more independent, the gym I"m joining has a great kids play area and this is a great place to socialize with my friends.
Sometimes I'm dissatisfied with my weight loss but I realize that even if I keep up what I'm doing, I will get to my goals and probably stay there for the long term.

So often I feel guilty for thinking about myself and my needs, my weight and think it is so damn narcissistic; but ultimately achieving healthier outcome is a great thing for everyone in my family.

Thanks for listening...