My Banded Time

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is my goal? Not to diet, simply to be a habitual thin person...

I was reading a great article in real simple regarding the habits of The Habits of Thin People.  Here is a reader's digest version but you could almost sub Bandster for thin people in these habits:

  • Thin people eat bulky healthy foods
  • Thin people watch portion sizes
  • Thin people can put themselves first
  • Thin people have thin parents-its not so much the genetics vs the good eating habits that they are exposed to.
  • Thin people limit their options
  • Thin people live in colorado-hmmmmm I've been there for business and I agree...there are a lot of those thin people in CO.
  • Thin people don't sit still
  • Thin people weigh themselves
  • Thin people enjoy their food
  • Thin people practice early intervention-they stop weight gain before it gets out of control
  • Thin people do what works-they personalize good habits to their lifestyle.

“More than 90 percent of those who have mastered weight maintenance feel like they’re not dieting,” she says. “It becomes a way of life.”

The band journey is goal is different from my other diet escapades.  I no longer want to diet, to deny, to deprive myself and then swing bad to old habits and start all over again.  I want to change my behavior and the way I act so I don't have to diet...I look at my 98 lb sister and I realize that she doesn't think or obsess about good eating...she has institutionalized it.  I am in training to be that person too.

I want to convert to this way of life and the band is my guide and so are you.

I'm back on the wagon, eating good food, flooding my body with water and losing weight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Yesterday my 8 year old son said, "MOM, I can see your waist!!  Good job!"  And he's right...before surgery I basically had a fat tube similar to the Goodyear Blimp Character.  Regularly my XL shirt would ride up and you could see my skin and I really blamed in on the cut of the shirts...Now my smaller shirts stay down and there is more definition in my waist and I don't show skin...sometimes I just see the remaining fat on my body versus realizing that I've come a long way.

I'm lucky because I have the band and I have a lot of family support...husband, 10 year old son, 8 year old son...Everyday they make this fight against obesity totally worth it.   I want to be healthy and highly functioning for them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prioritizing Water...and MYSELF

After eating harder proteins and prioritizing water...the scale budged a dramatic 5 lbs after 1 month of no loss.  I was humbled by the mighty power of this clear liquid:

1)  I feel more energetic
2)  I don't feel bloated although I've been drinking an ocean
3)  The scale has been moving in the right direction

When I get busy and stressed; I simply get disoriented about doesn't come naturally...I forget the basics...To make it easier I've been drinking 1-3 glasses when I wake up and when 3-5 after I get back from work.  And I try to get a bottle in here and there.  Usually when I'm in the office I can be sipping all day.  Lately I've been going to the client in downtown DC and its not easy because I don't have an office space there.  I'm just going from meeting to meeting to meeting to meeting...I'm going to keep water in my car for sipping during commuting time.

Drinking water, as simple as it is, is a great way to honor my body and myself.

Be good to yourselves this week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lessons about Fullness, Throwing Up

Even though I'm 7 months into this journey there are times where I feel very naive and stupid and unskilled at working the band!

I didn't lose anything this month, but I kept throwing up...I thought for sure I'd register a 15-20 lb loss this month. When I went in for my fill, I didn't lose/gain anything.  I was the same.  I talked to my nurse practitioner who was very kind and systematic about helping me resolve my issues:

1)  VOMITING-I know I vomited because my eating has not been regular...I've been busy busy busy and very preoccupied at work and stressed out with all of my kids activities after work.  So I've eaten quickly several times and I think the stress also constricts me.  So I've thrown up a lot.  She encouraged me to keep small protein snacks with me at all times.  I think just an awareness of my behavior helps...

 2)  HUNGER-Because I've had a hard time keeping things down, I've been eating a lot of yogurt.  She said that yogurt travels right through the band and does not incite a result I've been hungry.  She recommended going back to hard proteins chicken, turkey, ham;

3)  Weighing Myself-I'm going back to weighing myself everyday...I need accountability

4)  Buyers Remorse?  NO-I told my nurse that I've occasionally had buyers remorse with the band when I see the gastric bypass patients slim down so fast.  She told me that while the gastric bypass is allows poor eating habits and that the band actually helps you develop better eating habits and initiate long term life changes.  (YEAH SOME PRO BAND SUPPORT) Also I know a lot of gastric patients regain or have complications.  I really like the reversersability and non invasive nature of the band.  I know this will work, I just need to keep the faith.

5) Blogging-She told me to blog faithfully and keep up with the networking because she said support is uber critical for bandsters...I totally agree and am very thankful and appreciative of the network I've found.

Here's to a health weight loss next month for my June 9 appt.

Thank you dear friends for listening.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dying and Fighting to Live

Yesterday, I went to our neighbor's funeral.  He struggled with lung cancer for 5 years...after he found out he had the disease, he took every possible measure to prolong his life...he has a wife and daughter who is a now a jr. in college.  When he first got the disease, he was determined to see her out of high school and saw her till her jr. year of college and actually waited to die until after her finals, even though he was in great pain.  Living that long with the disease is amazing.

At the funeral last night, I really was humbled by the fact that even though he had a horrible disease, he really fought to live and took every measure to prolong his life.  I want to look obesity in the eye and treat it the same way.   It was a great and humbling lesson.  Life is precious...fight for it...Don't let obesity get in the way of living and thriving.  Health is such a gift!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hi Friends, I've been away because I've been mothering...multiple science fair, helping the kids prep for exams, driving to them's all good...its what I always wanted.  But I have to admit, when I get busy my weight and my needs always shift to the bottom rung.  I haven't lost or gained weight.  I'm one of those who really needs to "focus" for there to be any loss.  Today I'm shifting the focus back on my health so that I can be there to keep on mothering in the long run.

Happy Day friends.