My Banded Time

Monday, October 31, 2011

NSV Bought some GAP Really Skinny Pants

Hi I bought some GAP REALLY SKINNY PANTS...actually that is their name...  Have you heard of vanity sizing?  I think these pants have a VANITY NAME.  Of course when they fit, I had to buy the the pants called REALLY SKINNY PANTS...because they made me feel really skinny!!!

To be totally honest, I don't look like the pic...I have a little bit of muffin but I think they will be comfortable in another week or two.  I just count it a blessing that I'm looking better and am improving my health everyday.

I missed will hear more from me as soon as I finish these documents and have them shipped to the client on Wed.

How some words can be magical...

A friend wrote me an email (who knows nothing about my surgery, who is very thin focused) saying, BTW, you are looking very slim lately!  Words like this are so motivating for me.  Made me run a couple laps in my corporate office this weekend...(yes I'm trapped in my office and I can't get out).  I've been working 50+ hours for 3 weeks and when I'm busy, I'm very unaware of taking care of myself.  But the band is my safety net.  It keeps me from binging.  I'm not perfect and when I'm under stress I don't take great care of myself but I'm a lot better. But I realize that I've internalized some good long term habits.  If I keep it up I'll be fine in the long run.

Keep it up...Thank you friends...I've missed you...I'm going to try to keep up now that we are turning in our massive documents Wed.  The final drafts are done and look pretty good.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something Helpful...No more meals

Hi, I needed something to jump start my weight loss and it has been eating small nutritious snacks every two more "meals"'s helped my energy and my digestion too.

How do you pace your eating during the day?

I'm working like crazy...trying to create a work balance...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miss you guys and coming up for air

I am conducting a conference and I've been working like crazy...not gaining but not losing.  Today I went into the office at 4:30 am and just got back at 6 pm...this is some of the stuff I'm dealing with:

  • A colleague who is not doing work but taking credit for mine.  I'm unsure what his issues are but he has several advanced degrees from good colleges but has a hard time doing client "ready" work
  • My boss is aware of his short comings but has a had a "hard time" breaking him loose because he has a family etc
  • Today at the conference he thank me "Nancy" for all my hard work.  A colleague corrected him and reminded him of my real name
  • Me and another colleague are picking up his extra work.
  • My boss is inexperienced and has OCD (not joking)...not fun 
I like what I do but  in addition to issues with people the work has been technically very hard and challenging. 

The stress and unfairness of it drives me crazy. I need to recollect energy for myself and my health.

Loved Manda Panda's wake up call and loved the Boobs updates...I also love you dear friends who write sweet and encouraging and uplifting things.

So I have not been blogging because I've been tired and wiped!