My Banded Time

Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing up with the band

The last week or two at work has been filled with drama:
  • An earthquake that caused the evacuation of our building
  • Our team lead got an bee bite that sent her to the emergency room
  • A 2nd earthquake which caused one of our team members condo to flood
  • One team members former father in law (but best friend) died and he had to fly to Oklahoma for the funeral
  • Another team member was out sick due to complications from prostate surgery....
So my work load has been really heavy at times.  I used to think that I really need to quit and become a kindergarten teacher or work at a book store.  But I realize I really like what I do and that the compensation allows me to provide my kids with security and advantages that I never had.   Part of having the band is being more adult and dealing with pressure and stress in a more balanced way (versus eating away stress and allowing my butt and body to get bigger).

Wish me luck...of course our beach vacation starts Saturday and the place where we rent our beach house (Sandbridge VA) is having a mandatory evacuation.  We will be in Williamsburg for a day or two at Wolf Lodge (A hotel with in door pools and sprinklers) so we might just extend it and see what happens since we bought vacation insurance.  The weather is supposed to be great Monday on...and I really need a vacation.

Hope you are well sweet friends.  I'm hoping to blog and read a lot and catch up with all of you.


  1. Have a great vacation Rach! Sounds like you need it with all the work happenings!!!

  2. Wow what a week. Wasn't that earthquake weird?
    I hope you can enjoy vacation. I have heard great things about Great Wolf Lodge.

  3. Hi Rachel, what a list, whew! Hoping for the best for all those you know/work with who are struggling. Glad you and your family were fine through the earthquake. Here's wishing you a relaxing vacation despite the deserve it my friend. I've missed you around the blogosphere and THANK YOU for the email comment you sent me, so appreciated xoxo

  4. P.S. I absolutely LOVE what you highlighted in blue in your blog post. That's a profound I need to continue thinking about.

  5. Have a terrific vacation!! You deserve it!

  6. Yes...please avoid hurricanes on your vacation!

  7. Good luck, my friend! Check in as soon as you can!