My Banded Time

Monday, April 2, 2012

My pants are getting big!!!!!

One lesson learned from my band experience is that I wish I started an exercise regimen when I got the band...As much as I complained about my slow menopausal metabolism...the simple reality is I needed to MOVE...and I've been moving lately!  I joined a gym and when my kids are active I try to be active with them.  The result is that I put on my dress pants for work this am and they were BIG!   I also notice more contour to my abdomen area...and my irregularity is so much better...

OK...hope you guys have a good week!!!!


  1. yay! moving makes everything work better :)

  2. YIPEEE... we love it when our pants start to bag.. cause that can only mean one thing... SHOPPING!!!

    Good for you.. keep moving sweetie!!

  3. are so right about the exercise thing. That is the one thing I have lapsed on and the scale and waist band tell the tale.

    Way to get your kids involved too!

    I just read the Carney Wilson post too..My first thought when I read it was someone needs to invite that girl to boobs.