My Banded Time

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello...Digging myself out and an NSV about Stress

I've been under a TON of stress...I've been writing an 80 page document from hell for a client.  And it has been intense in that I feel a lot of responsibility and pressure.  For me, STRESS is the primary cause of my weight gain.  College finals, grad school finals, big projects, client problems....Stressful academic or work times for me always resulted in an inevitable 3-5 lb gain...Years of this made me 80 lbs overweight.

With the band, because I can't sedate my stress with food; I find myself dealing with the stress more directly versus obsessing about it.  I find myself talking more to my friends/husband/colleagues about the things that make me stressed out.

This time, and this project, even with my TOM, I lost weight.  I still have one more day to go (I'm on vacation but it's not done yet...ARRRGH).

I'm in San Fran visiting my skinny and glamorous family and they said I look healthier and thinner.  My sister told me I need to buy tighter and smaller jeans.

I love you blogger friends.  You are my therapy!


  1. I've heard that a lot - when you physically cannot eat - then you mentally feel what you used to not feel because you covered it with food...the mental journey is soo hard.

  2. These are fantastic NSV's. Not gaining weight when stressed may be one of the best ones.

  3. I'm with you on the stress eating!

  4. Good luck! You are doing so well don't let comments get to you.