My Banded Time

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miss you guys and coming up for air

I am conducting a conference and I've been working like crazy...not gaining but not losing.  Today I went into the office at 4:30 am and just got back at 6 pm...this is some of the stuff I'm dealing with:

  • A colleague who is not doing work but taking credit for mine.  I'm unsure what his issues are but he has several advanced degrees from good colleges but has a hard time doing client "ready" work
  • My boss is aware of his short comings but has a had a "hard time" breaking him loose because he has a family etc
  • Today at the conference he thank me "Nancy" for all my hard work.  A colleague corrected him and reminded him of my real name
  • Me and another colleague are picking up his extra work.
  • My boss is inexperienced and has OCD (not joking)...not fun 
I like what I do but  in addition to issues with people the work has been technically very hard and challenging. 

The stress and unfairness of it drives me crazy. I need to recollect energy for myself and my health.

Loved Manda Panda's wake up call and loved the Boobs updates...I also love you dear friends who write sweet and encouraging and uplifting things.

So I have not been blogging because I've been tired and wiped!


  1. I think at some point in our lives we all deal with that one co-worker. Unfortunately.

    I hope you get some rest and recoop.

  2. Oh dear, you're super busy, but wow, you're still losing! May I just say that your coping skills are far superior to most women's?

    Sorry that you have to work with a jerk :( Man, that's hard, I've been there too. Chin up Rach! You'll pull through.

  3. You've been though sooo much for sooooo long..

    Know that we're thinking of you...


  4. Aaaww...thanks for the shout out. I'm complaining about work today too. There must just be something in the air. Hang in there!

  5. I wondered what was up and if you were okay! Oh dear, that sounds like a LOT! I've got passive-aggressive (and some "aggressive-aggressive"!) colleagues so I really sympathize. Good luck getting through it, Rachel. I think "not gaining" is a huge victory at times like these!!!

  6. have u thought of confronting him....nicely? or may just playing office pranks on him to make yourself feel better?? just a thought!

  7. I hope things get better for you Rachel.. I can't stand people like your co-worker - it infuriates me to NO end!! And it seems somehow people like that always seem to slither by in life and never get "caught"...ugh... Great to see a post from you though!! :)