My Banded Time

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something Helpful...No more meals

Hi, I needed something to jump start my weight loss and it has been eating small nutritious snacks every two more "meals"'s helped my energy and my digestion too.

How do you pace your eating during the day?

I'm working like crazy...trying to create a work balance...


  1. I stick to two regular meals that I can't miss and several healthy snacks throughout the day..

    I know you've been working like crazy, just don't forget to take care of YOU..

  2. Ya know! I hardly ever eat a real breakfast any more!

    But my snacking comes in the evening now it seems! I want to snack the entire time I am cooking dinner and then I don't want to eat! Ahhhh

  3. That sounds like something I need to start doing... I think the only eating every 5 hours or so between meals is what's killing my diet.

    Miss you!

  4. I'm a 3-meals-a-day kind of girl. Breakfast at 6, lunch at 10:30, snack at 2, dinner at 6 and that usually does me in.