My Banded Time

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi...Darlin 1 and Barbara, thank you for reaching out...I've been gone from blogging because I've been distracted by:

  • My Demanding Job-My job requires long hours and I work with a new manager that is not very experienced.  She has created a lot of client and team gaffes that have derailed us.  She is a nice person who tends to micromanage and not see the big pic...
  • My Sister's Wedding-My sister got married after 5 years of struggling with a relationship.  I don't think its the best decision but I went to NYC to support her with my husband and boys.  She's 6 years younger and like my kid so I've been sad about it.
  • My Kids-they have lessons soon as I get back from work, we are on the road or I'm helping them do their work.  They are worth every moment though.
  • My husband's Uber Demanding Job-My husband is at work till 11 pm every night.  His crazy schedule will soon end in mid March.  I don't like it but he has a great work ethic, provides for us very well and I can't complain...But his schedule has literally made me mom and dad for the last 5 months.
How is my weight?  The same...I'm one of those who doesn't loose weight unless I"m focused on it.  I've never jumped on the scale and seen a huge unexplainable loss...each loss is hard won...every ounce.

I'm going to go swimming now.

Missed you...I had not read blogs for awhile and I was so surprised to see how beautiful Melissa Wolfe, Nora and Ronnie are rocking the band!!


  1. So glad to see you back! You sound like me and my posts after a long hiatus :)

  2. You have been missed. Hope you get some down time soon.

  3. Awww, thanks. And welcome back:)

  4. XOXOXO....your excuses are as good as any of mine ! Welcome back and enjoy your swim....I did today!

  5. At least you have good excuses. I got nada. We missed you too!

  6. SO good to hear from you again Rachel - you're so busy I don't know how you even have time to eat! lol :)

  7. We missed you, too!

    I was just thinking about shooting you an e-mail, but I know you said the next few months were going to be busy last time you posted. <3

    Glad to hear your husband's schedule is going to calm down soon, that must be a huge relief!