My Banded Time

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weight Loss Fairies (Blessings in Disguise)

I've been working on a stressful management consulting project team...the lead is not very good and is very inexperienced...but two people who have made this project bearable are my friends John and Pat...both are into fitness and exercise...they are constantly logging in their food choices, making excellent food choices, talking about the calories they are going to burn each day through exercise and talking about their healthy BP and cholesterol levels. John has had a 12 year sustained weight loss of 70 lbs!  Pat has just always worked out.  Yesterday we were having salads for lunch and talking about working out...This is such a change...I have evolved.

And of course I have my blogging bandster helps me so much to read your blogs and to hear your frustrations and triumphs.  Both my weight loss friends in real life and blogging life have helped me re adjust my mind set.  I hadn't been reading for the last month and I was catching up and it was such a nice refreshing slap in the see so many people on track and losing weight and looking BEAUTIFUL!

I drank a ton, ate less and exercised yesterday due to your direct and indirect influences.  I'm thankful for you!!!


  1. Well, I'm not one of those triumphant ones here in Blogland but I also find such inspiration from these blogs and those in real life who have maintained a weight loss over time. I also feel for those constantly trying to find that "magic bullet" that will make "this time" different. YOU are an inspiratin to me! :)

  2. You're inspiration to me, Rachel! :)