My Banded Time

Monday, December 6, 2010

The band and me...a working's almost like a marriage!

I was thinking about the band and how it's so similar to being married or like any other significant relationship:

1)  The first year is often the hardest.  I have struggled and I have triumphed.  I've been jubilant and I've been disappointed.

2)  I still have to put work into this relationship for the band to work.  It does provide restriction but I have to control my diet and exercise.

3)  It has its ups and downs...there are times when I thought it was working tremendously and other times when I wasn't sure it was working.

4)  We are learning to get a long.   Each time I get a fill or post op, I have to guage what the band can take and not take.  We are getting to know each other and build up a momentum, a rapport of sorts.

5)  Its dynamic and always changing.  The band is filled, my body chemistry, composition changes, my life style changes.  With all these changes I have to adjust.

6)  It helps to have support from others to give you context and guidance on how to improve/enhance your relationship.  This is you blogger friends.  i think I have learned more from the blogging world than I have from my surgeon's office.

The relevance of these thoughts?  It reminds me that no matter how great a tool is, I need to work at it constantly. 

Thank you virtual friends.


  1. What a good way to look at it. I think over the next year I'll try and remember it. Thanks

  2. Excellent post!! And a wonderful way to think of the band! I like it!