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Sunday, December 5, 2010

What do you say to the Naysayers? The Anti Banders?

Did you see the article in the NY Times today about the Allergan's Lap Band?

Article 2, December 3:
If you go to the article through this link you will find an article in the NY Times which talks about how A federal advisory panel Friday endorsed an expansion of the use of Allergan’s Lap-Band stomach-restricting device to patients who are less than severely obese.

NY Times Article - Panel Votes to Expand Surgery for Less Obese


The vote could pave the way to double the number of Americans who qualify for weight-loss surgery. And it could eventually lead to making other types of weight-loss surgery available to those who are not quite as heavy.   I think this endorsement is a victory and a testament to the band

Article 1, December1:
OK but get this,  the same writer, Andrew Pollack wrote this article December 1.  where he basically blasted the band.  And talked about its dangers and how ineffectual it is.  What do you say to the Anti Band sentiments!? WTF?  He even interviews a woman whose daughter died two months after getting the band.  And how people don't lose weight on the band.  ( Just for the record our practice has never lost a patient to the band.  Two gastric bypass patients died in the last decated but they had a lot of severe co morbidities...and it isn't bad considering the fact that they have done tens of thousands of surgeries in the last decade).

The Anti Band Article a couple days before...

Ugh!  What do you say or think of people like this who are so Anti Band?  What do you say to the naysayers?  What are your thoughts?

My belief in the band comes from my own short journey and the stories from bandland friends and SOB's in particular.  I know it can work.  I did lots of research.  I have faith in my decision.


  1. As one who is not banded yet and still jumping through the insurance hoops, I believe that loosening the restrictions is a victory. I am in the process of doing all my homework too - the best homework so far has been talking with folks like YOU and others who are living with their bands.

    I too have faith and confidence that I am doing a good and right thing - now I just hope the insurance company thinks so too!

  2. I believe it's a victory as well. To the naysayers, I say this: Someone's heart doesn't work as well so they get a pacemaker. Would you begrudge them this? Someone's hearing is shot so they get a hearing aid. Do you begrudge them this? Someone's eyesight sucks so they get glasses or contacts. Do you begrudge them this? Well, my metabolish is shot so I found a tool that helps. Why do you begrudge me this?

  3. I'm hoping to get banded in just a few weeks. I haven't told very many people. Just a very short list of friends I trust and I'm choosing, for now, to withhold it from my family (except my DH of course). I can't handle the criticism and don't care to defend my decision--at least not right now. Plus, it's hard for someone like me to admit I need help with something. I pride myself on being independent, high-achieving, career driven, etc. and admitting "failure" in any area of my life is hard. the end, I decided I could be an overweight "failure" or I could be a normal weight "failure" and I choose the latter.

    I know I need help, I know this issue is bigger than me. I'm not ashamed to be getting LB, I just don't feel like I should have to defend it...that's why I'm not coming out of the closet for now.

    I think some people think that surgery is "last resort," and I take issue with that phrase. What is LAST RESORT? I know surgery has risks and is to be taken seriously but I think obesity gets more and more serious the heavier we get. If we wait and wait until we are bigger and bigger, we are putting ourselves in more danger. I take issue with that. I feel that part of MY PROBLEM (I'm not speaking for anyone but myself) is that I have real hunger issues. True, honest to GOD hunger. Perhaps I've screwed myself with repeated diets over the years but I truly believe I am hungry. Not bored. Not dealing with emotions in the wrong way. Truly HUNGRY.

    Am I guilty of eating out of boredom? Yes. Out of sadness? Yes. Out of celebration? Sure. But I think my biggest problem is that my hunger is a bottomless pit. I never feel truly satisfied. A girl can only feel hungry for so long! Check me out and say hi if you get the chance.