My Banded Time

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NSV Mistaken Identity

At work, I have 2 female colleagues who have similar heights and hair styles/coloring to me.  But they are normal sized women...C and S are both about size 10 or 12.  For the last week I keep getting mistaken for them in the halls and I'm so flattered because they are size 10/12.  I have a ways to go before reaching their actual size but I realize that my 18 lb weight loss has allowed this mistaken identity because I walk and carry myself more normally/healthfully.  18 lbs ago:

1)  My legs would chaffe together causing me to waddle a bit.

2)  I'd be wearing the same clothes but they would be extremely tight with promiment muffin tops.  Often my shirts would ride up a bit, revealing my stomach.

3)  I'd be taking deep strained breaths.

4)  Prior to surgery, my face was very puffy.  I had water retention that centralized in my face (not a pretty site).   In the last 5 years I developed facial eczema on my eyelids...also not a pretty site.  As I've lost weight and started sleeping more, the eczema has almost gone away.  I correlate the eczema to stabilized hormones due to weight loss...I think the eczema was one of the many "red" flags telling me to address my weight issues.

I'm almost at the 20 lb mark...things like this give me the incentive to try harder.  And oh by the way, the 2nd fill was terrific...I have ideal restriction and the restriction really shuts the bad foods out (at least my bad foods -breads, baked goods).

Thank you friends for reading/writing.  I appreciate you.


  1. Congratulations to you on the terrific NSV!!! What a smile maker!! I am thrilled to read you're seeing and feeling a difference in yourself - that is always good incentive to keep up the good work!

  2. Fantastic NSV! You're doing great.

  3. That's fantastic! Yay you :)

  4. What a wonderful feeling. It's intersting about the eczema, I had hives for one week out of every month for 7 years and they have completely gone away, it's amazing isn't it?!

  5. What an awesome NSV! That's great that you're having such good results.

  6. You are doing great! Yeah, that chub rub between the fun!

  7. Thanks for your sweet comments! I can't figure out why I was not on your follower list. Love your blog! And you are doing so well. Congrats.