My Banded Time

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lessons about Fullness, Throwing Up

Even though I'm 7 months into this journey there are times where I feel very naive and stupid and unskilled at working the band!

I didn't lose anything this month, but I kept throwing up...I thought for sure I'd register a 15-20 lb loss this month. When I went in for my fill, I didn't lose/gain anything.  I was the same.  I talked to my nurse practitioner who was very kind and systematic about helping me resolve my issues:

1)  VOMITING-I know I vomited because my eating has not been regular...I've been busy busy busy and very preoccupied at work and stressed out with all of my kids activities after work.  So I've eaten quickly several times and I think the stress also constricts me.  So I've thrown up a lot.  She encouraged me to keep small protein snacks with me at all times.  I think just an awareness of my behavior helps...

 2)  HUNGER-Because I've had a hard time keeping things down, I've been eating a lot of yogurt.  She said that yogurt travels right through the band and does not incite a result I've been hungry.  She recommended going back to hard proteins chicken, turkey, ham;

3)  Weighing Myself-I'm going back to weighing myself everyday...I need accountability

4)  Buyers Remorse?  NO-I told my nurse that I've occasionally had buyers remorse with the band when I see the gastric bypass patients slim down so fast.  She told me that while the gastric bypass is allows poor eating habits and that the band actually helps you develop better eating habits and initiate long term life changes.  (YEAH SOME PRO BAND SUPPORT) Also I know a lot of gastric patients regain or have complications.  I really like the reversersability and non invasive nature of the band.  I know this will work, I just need to keep the faith.

5) Blogging-She told me to blog faithfully and keep up with the networking because she said support is uber critical for bandsters...I totally agree and am very thankful and appreciative of the network I've found.

Here's to a health weight loss next month for my June 9 appt.

Thank you dear friends for listening.



  1. thanks for helps me as well!

  2. I chose the band for the same reason, that it wasnt that major of a surgery and it can be reversed if need be.

    try to remember to take care of yourself and dont beat yourself up because the scale didnt show what you hoped it would.

    a woman at work had this done the week before me she has lost 7lbs i lost 20. but the dr's she is still retaining water and once that starts to go it will be amazing how much she will lose in a short time.

  3. agree with everything the NP said, esp. about the bypass patients not learning new/proper eating habits -- she knows her stuff! :)

  4. Great post!! Thank you for shraing reminders of how and what to eat - especially when we're busy! And yes, I couldn't have gotten through my hoops without my friendship and support from friends like YOU! Blogging is the best thing for us!

    Thank you!

  5. Good for you Rachele---I love........ and need to be reminded all the time!!!

  6. ugh.. I just wrote a long post comment, and stupid blogger did not accept it. I will PM you with my thoughts.. maybe I overloaded the system..
    Hang in there..

  7. This has been a hard couple of weeks for me. Eating to fast and ping a lot. I am not to tight but I am mindlessly eating.

    So I know how you feel. I am a 2 lb a week girl. Nothing more and often less. This week nothing so far....oh well. I'd love to be under 200 soon.

  8. I agree with your NP, we all need the love and support of others walking in our same shoes so to speak. We need the support and encouragement through all the gains as well as the losses. Keep up the great work!!

  9. Sounds like you had a good appointment. I know several people who have had bypass and still eat horribly. I got to make myself change my habits. I hope the solid proteins help you get back on track.

  10. I hear ya on the being jealous of GB patients. One of my bosses had GB about five months ago and it has been INCREDIBLE to see him shrink away. I often wonder, for a split second, why I didn't get that done instead...then I think back to my dad who had it, learned nothing, and has gained a considerable amount of weight back. Slow and steady, and we'll win the race, right?

  11. So work out hard and run hard. Walking is fine if you are just starting out or you need to just get out of the house. But for long term health and weight loss you need to actually exercise and walking is about as poor of an exercise as you can get Weight Loss Surgery