My Banded Time

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is my goal? Not to diet, simply to be a habitual thin person...

I was reading a great article in real simple regarding the habits of The Habits of Thin People.  Here is a reader's digest version but you could almost sub Bandster for thin people in these habits:

  • Thin people eat bulky healthy foods
  • Thin people watch portion sizes
  • Thin people can put themselves first
  • Thin people have thin parents-its not so much the genetics vs the good eating habits that they are exposed to.
  • Thin people limit their options
  • Thin people live in colorado-hmmmmm I've been there for business and I agree...there are a lot of those thin people in CO.
  • Thin people don't sit still
  • Thin people weigh themselves
  • Thin people enjoy their food
  • Thin people practice early intervention-they stop weight gain before it gets out of control
  • Thin people do what works-they personalize good habits to their lifestyle.

“More than 90 percent of those who have mastered weight maintenance feel like they’re not dieting,” she says. “It becomes a way of life.”

The band journey is goal is different from my other diet escapades.  I no longer want to diet, to deny, to deprive myself and then swing bad to old habits and start all over again.  I want to change my behavior and the way I act so I don't have to diet...I look at my 98 lb sister and I realize that she doesn't think or obsess about good eating...she has institutionalized it.  I am in training to be that person too.

I want to convert to this way of life and the band is my guide and so are you.

I'm back on the wagon, eating good food, flooding my body with water and losing weight.


  1. Very interesting post....makes perfect sense.

  2. Rachel, I love this post. Really important stuff...thank you! This is my goal too--to LIVE fully, not obsess, whether about food or "not food" :-)

  3. Ooo, good read! :) I love that goal, to live differently, instead of diet indefinitely.

  4. Glad to hear you doing so well :o)

  5. Yes! That's exactly what I'm going for. I'm not there yet. LOL. Just out of curiosity, why Colorado? Is it because of all the outdoor active stuff there is to do? Is it the water? Rocky Mtn High? What is it?? Maybe I need to move there.

  6. I went to CO for business and I was impressed how it was such a "walking" culture...people were walking and biking to work. There are a lot of out doors activities too...No one was smoking...people look clean cut and weird thing is many locals kept recommending the venison and buffalo though...but I would think it lives up to the stereotype of a healthy place...I saw a lot of tone and athletic people.

  7. I soooo don't want to diet anymore! Maybe I need to move to CO!! Thanks for the great post!

  8. I love this.

    And there ARE alot of thin people in Colorado, but then again, there are alot of fun outdoor activities there. :)