My Banded Time

Monday, July 11, 2011

Controlling my reactions to bad things

Part of my weight loss challenge is to control my reactions to negative things or uncontrollable things...versus suppressing or masking them with over eating.  This morning my project lead,( or actually all month), has thrown me off the pedestal I was on.   She did not like some of the work I did because she did not agree with it.  OK...I'm 47 but having authority figures question or dislike my work really effects me.  She wrote all over my documente "what", "why", "what is this".  Also she's very high school about it...she lavishes praise on my colleague who she actually fought with for the last couple months.  She doesn't give much just feels uncontrollable.  Logically I know I'm in a good place...I have a great boss/management that support me and that one project or one person's opinion doesn't matter but emotionally it effects me.

I'm tyring to drink water when I'm upset.  It's like an exercise.  It's hard this week...I've been working all weekend in the office and find it hard to sleep when things are stressful at work.  I have highs, but there are lows too...its a balancing act.

Thank you for listening and offering you non judgemental support.  Its love like this that helps me keep my butt small.


  1. And thank YOU for continuing to show us that there are other ways to handle the stress that is life. We are ALL somehow "thrown off the pedestal" at some point or other. We have two choices. Either we can lay there, feel sorry, and consume an entire pizza and quart of ice cream. OR we can get up, dust ourselves off, drink more water and get back onto that pedestal..

    Thank you for reminding us that we nurture ourselves MORE by dusting off!

  2. Is she younger? I don't like the sound of this gal, VERY high school of her to make your working relationship so uncomfortable. Ugh.

    You're doing great resisting the temptation to binge when things are so stressful - I applaud you. :)

  3. Great job substituting water for stress/comfort eating! And ditto what Lisa said. :)

  4. Stressful eating is always so difficult to overcome. It sounds like you're really taking control of it though! And not to be a traitor to my own sex, but I generally don't like working with/for other women. They always seem to be cattier, take things more personally, not as professional (I'm generalizing, of course. I realize not ALL women are like this). Just hang in there and take the higher road.

  5. Rachel.. Life Sucks (alot sometimes) and your sophmoric project lead person is a jerk.. You are doing the right thing.. You need to train yourself to react or not react. can you change your idiot project leads perspective.. if not let it go.
    If stress does get to you do exactly what you are doing.. train yourself to react and go to something other than food.. scream, drink water, take a hot shower, go for a walk.. that is the secret.. food can no longer be our OUT or comfort.. you are doing great.. hugs

  6. I love this! Exercising your control and choosing to do good things is awesome!