My Banded Time

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleeping = Weight Loss

I've slept horribly for weeks because I've been under lots of stress and I literally can't shut my mind off.  Also traveling always sets my sleeping patterns off.  But I started taking Melatonin (herbal supplement) and its done wonders.  It brings back my logic about food and life.
  • When I don't sleep ice cream sounds like a good source of calcium to me
  • When I don't sleep Doritos seem like a good source of grain
  • When I don't sleep eating carbs to stay awake seems justifiable
But when I do sleep:

  • I make better food decisions
  • Things don't bother me as easily
  • I feel less emotional
  • I deal with stress better
  • I'm kinder
  • I'm more fun
Thanks for your support friends.  I write that all the time but its so true...this support group is so marvelous.  There is a lot of intelligence, kindness, wisdom and beauty out there.

Sleep tonight you are worth it!!!


  1. You are so right. When I don't get enough sleep I definitely eat way more. Could be also that there are more hours to eat. Too bad we couldn't just use that time to exercise.

  2. This is a profound truth, Rachel! And I know the depth of the sleep/weight connection because my weight gain (and inability to lose for a long time) has coincided with my "up every 2 hour" babies. Both my kids were light sleepers from birth until age 3 and needed a lot of nighttime I was majorly sleep deprived. I definitely ate (sugar and carbs) to stay awake during the day. And the weight I gained gave me sleep apnea, which has made a good night's sleep even more elusive. Sleep is a cornerstone of good health and a major reason I finally am getting so serious about solving my obesity problem once and for all. I'm so glad the melatonin is helping you sleep Rachel!! Maybe I'll try it too.

  3. You are soooooooo right! Rest with peace girlfriend!

  4. You are so right, it really affects us in negative ways when we don't get sleep. Well I hope you get some sleep and keep up your awesome loss.

  5. There's actually science to back this up...that obese people tend to get less sleep than thin people. I'll have to look it up but you're absolutely right. I think my night terrors have attributed to some of my weight issues as well.

  6. I couldn't have said it better! Now I need to get to bed and stop thinking about how fast and easy it would be for me to make a 1 minute microwave cake in a cup. :)

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  8. I'm sorry, but what is this sleep thing you speak of? It seems to have so many benefits! Maybe I will give it a try! Unfortunately the only way I get decent (not even good) sleep with after a dose of Niquil or Tylnol PM!