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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the House? A good one? & A NSV!

Let me say that there are some great doctors out there, this is not a rant about them.  Its a rant about the bad ones:

1)  9/2010-I see an endocrinologist because they found a mass on my thyroid.  She comes in and tells me that she has bad news that it might be cancerous but it might not and leaves me to go to another patient without much of an explanation.  To hear the word cancer is never easy, and without explanation or medical context its even scarier.  I talked to my WLS group and the administrator called them to get more information.  It was actually my WLS administrator that explained to me what I had and what the courses of treatment were and the endocrinologist called me back and followed up with me after her call.

2) Last 3 Years-I've been talking to my General Practioner about my inability to lose weight.  She is a stick.  She said it was menopause, my inactivity.  She lectured me that weight loss is straight forward eat less, burn more.   She is right, but she saw me for 3 years and never noticed the growths on my neck?  The RN and MD's said it was very prominent and that these tumors having been growing for several years.  She said to a trained eye it is kind of obvious that I have something growing on my neck.  I changed primary care physicians.

3) 12/29/2010-had my thryoid removed, was sent home with the wrong post op directions. 

4) 1/4/2011-went to my surgeon and he was sick and out of the office and they never called me to tell me he would not be in.  Asked me if I really needed to talk to him...Uhhh yes, I just had surgery last week, doesn't he need to check out the scar, give post op direction and clear me for additional activity?  His Physician Assistant came in with a trainee and told me I can start putting vitamin E on it or scar minimizer and to put lots of sun screen on the scar when I go out to minimize scarring.  What?  The scar is crusted with blood and my neck is swollen...The stitches are still really swollen.  I asked her about post op directions...They told me to stop taking my blood pressure medicine and to start taking synthroid...The PA said that this part of treatment is not really their area of expertise.   She said she'd call me with the biopsy results (most likely its not cancer) but she hasn't followed up since Monday.  It would be nice to get a call.

5)  Called my endo office about taking snythroid.  They said, sure, I could come in if I want???  What?  It's optional?  I no longer have a thyroid.  I need to regluate my system with medication.  The thyroid is not an optional organ like an appendix.  I have an MBA, not an MD degree.  I have no idea of how to do that.  What are the next steps?  I'm going to see my endo on Monday.

To be fair my WLS Surgeon and Office are great.  They were the one's that discovered the tumors on my thyroid.  They actually helped me navigate through the endocrinology/pathology information even though its not their job.  I think that is professionalism.

You know what I'm learning?  You have to really advocate for your health and you need to educate yourself.

I just talked to the company nurse and got my BP checked.  She told me that now that my thyroid was out and I'm on medicine, it will be much easier to lose weight.  I told her I already lost 20 lbs in the last 3 months and her mouth dropped open.  She said it should have been impossible with my broken thyroid.  That information just made me feel so empowered like I can do this weight loss thing.
Thanks for listening.


  1. That's horrible! I have thyroid issues as well and there is only one endocrinologist in my town. When I first found out I had lesions, I panicked, my mom died of thyroid cancer many years ago. The endo couldn't see me for 6 months, so I went to Houston for a biopsy, when I finally got follow up treatment here, the endo asked why I went to Houston, I said I was scared b/c my mom died of Thyroid cancer, he said no one dies from thyroid cancer...Really? tell that to my dead mom, ass clown! So...happy to listen to your rant, sorry you endured mine. Just remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease, you make all the noise you must to get the attention you need and deserve. Hope you get answers soon!

  2. Good Lord that is awful!

    I would post a review online! You don't even have to post your name, but perhaps it will help someone else avoid your same professionalism issues!

    What a pain!

  3. Ohhh Mercy - what an awful experience!! So many times, too.. You're right in that YOU need to be the advocate of your health care - and you need to be VOCAL about it, too.. What you're ranting about is so common these days - and how sad that is.. Rant on, Lady! You have every reason to, and I am on YOUR side!!

    I found out from my new Rheumatologis that my injectable medication has a highly rated side effect of lymphoma, and that I should be tested every TWO MONTHS! My old one had me tested once in five years - soooo common, so sad... I'm with YOU!!

    And, on a side note - please call me Lisa!! :))

    (((hugggggssss))) to YOU!

  4. Put this information into a letter format and mail it to each of the offices involved. In this day of malpractice lawsuits, they would be foolish to ignore it.

    Yes, we all must be our own advocates.

    YOU can totally do this!

  5. That is shocking, terrible luck to have so many rubbish Dr's.

    The fact that despite all that you've still lost weight is amazing, very well done.

  6. Ok Rachel.. you know what I am thinking.. I now have a broom parked in the hospital so I can have my daily witch bitch rant.. you NEED to let them know that this is totally unacceptable.. of course my hopes, wishes and prayers are for a positive outcome.. keep us updated.

  7. Advocate for sure...but I agree with Amanda and Barbara...a letter needs to
    be sent! That is crazy stuff. What idiocy and incompetence.


  8. OMG Rachel--my thoughts and prayers are with you!---and yes you do have to be in charge of your health and all follow up. Ask for copies of everything--blood work etc.---always!


  9. Wow. Just wow. The amount of incompetence flowing through the medical community is truly astounding. I don't blame you for venting and unfortunately, as healthcare costs rise and tort reform continues to NOT happen, we won't necessarily be getting the best and brightest going into the medical field.

  10. Oh Rachel, you have some crappy docs hon. I'm sorry you're not getting the care you need in a difficult and confusing time. *shakes fists at crappy docs*

    Yay for the NSV, though! You've worked hard for your 20 lbs and I really hope the next 20 aren't nearly as difficult :)