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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Product Review: For those of you who would like to be more regular and reduce your BP.

I don't pitch products, but I'd like to pass along a product to the sisterhood that I think is particularly good.   Often times the protein rich diet suggested for the band induces a little irregularity.  While there are good laxatives out there, I prefer going as natural as possible.  Recently, I started introducing flax seed meal to my diet and it has helped!!!  I mix a 1TB into some cold water in the am. Another easy way to eat is it stir it in yoghurt or non fat pudding.  (Literally it tastes like mild ground up almonds) Other people I know sprinkle it in a variety of foods and actually cook with it.   This is the product I use.  You can buy it on or at Trader Joes:

My parents live in San Francisco and are total health fanatics.  Eat organic, exercise aggressively everyday, have really low body fat...I know...sometimes I wondered if I was adopted or how I gained weight in this environment...But my parents have both been using Flaxseed for the past decade and they are in great shape. I started taking to counteract some of the irregularity I was experiencing. 

Here are its documented benefits:

Essential Nutrients: Minerals and nutrients are found in abundance in flaxseed. A good source of magnesium, flaxseed in meal curbs the risks associated with low magnesium, which plays a major role in ailments like migraine, heart attack and asthma. In addition to this, magnesium helps bring high blood pressure levels, which results in minimizing the chances of heart attacks. Furthermore, vitamin b6 is obtained from a meal having flaxseed. Vitamin b6 helps in proper functioning of amino acids and boosts metabolism.

Fiber: One of the major flaxseed meal benefits is the fact that it has a good fiber content. Any form of flaxseed, either added into a meal or grounded into flour, is good for the purpose. Gastrointestinal problems are very well dealt with this fiber content, thus helping an individual maintain his or her gastrointestinal health. The risks of coronary heart disease are also cut down as fiber content in flaxseed contributes in reducing cholesterol. Blood sugar is also stabilized as a result of the flaxseed fiber content. So a flaxseed meal is just perfect for those with diabetes or a tendency of high blood sugar level.

Antioxidant Properties and Phytochemicals: Health benefits of flaxseed meal are crucial and significant, especially in the case of women in the form of phytochemicals, specifically antioxidants. Flaxseed has a substance called lignans, which are transformed in the gut to a substance akin to hormones. This also facilitates normal ovulation in women of childbearing age. Restoration of hormonal balance in peri-menopausal women is brought about by flaxseed, leading to prevention of irregular menopausal cycles, anxiety, breast cysts and so on. To top it all, a meal high in flaxseed can help protect against breast cancer as it has a significant impact on estrogen. For more on flax seed oil benefits for women have a look at flaxseed oil benefits for women.

Loads of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: If there was one thing people and nutrition experts are ranting vociferously about in flaxseed, it is its content of omega-3 essential fatty acids. This is what makes flaxseed meal a fabulous choice for your health. Omega-3 fatty acids are believed to be linked to the reduction of inflammation. This helps in dealing better with ailments like osteoporosis, asthma and migraines. Those who have tendencies of heart attack, also benefit from these fatty acids as they reduce the formation of blood clots. Flaxseed meal also promotes flexible cell membranes, which is good for diabetic people. Another great part about flaxseed is that flaxseed oil can be substituted for fish oil.

Have a great week!!!


  1. thank you very much. I use to use flaxseed every chance i got, but have not done so in over a year. now i need it more than ever, and honestly have not thought about it in a while. so thanks for bringing it to the forefront of my mind once again!

  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I think I'll try some!

  3. I will have to pick some up at trader joes next time I am there! thank you

  4. Thanks for the review! We shop at Whole Foods and I always think about picking up a bag of flaxseed when we're there (which is like everyday :P). Ive just never used it so I didn't know what I'd put it in. But my interest has been piqued! I'm gonna figure out what I can do with it, and try to use it. I've just been taking fiber gummies, but Id love to find a natural/organic option.

  5. well I am glad to read all this information! I had a friend recommend it to me at work and I tried it in my greek yogurt-it was good and provided even a little more protein. I bought some ground flax seed yesterday! Regular here I come :)


  6. I have heard about this but never really looked at it closely.. I am all about trying healthier stuff, so this is on my shopping list.. thanks for the great info

  7. Don't need it ---but will add it to my list anyway!


  8. thanks for the great info! I've heard others talk about the benefits of this before.

  9. Ok, I gotta ask? Does it make you gassy? the last thing I need is to be tootin' all over town! :) But thanks for mentioing it, as I need something to keep me "regular" (and I realize I sound like a commercial!)

  10. No it doesn't make you too gassy...its very natural...But I know what you mean some fiber products make you gassy and bloated...