My Banded Time

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lost 20 and Some Change~!

I'm down 20 solid lbs.  Its been 3 months but I'm solidly there and I'm so glad.  I feel like I have just enough restriction and I feel that I have the hang of this.

At times I've felt frustrated and as though I was losing too slowly and things haven't changed; but they have:

     -I know longer binge eat...I can't.  I haven't eaten more than 1 slice of pizza at a the past I used to eat 4-5 pieces.

     -I eat much smaller portions and can't comprehend eating the man sized meals I used to normally eat in the past.

     -I eat much healthier food

     -My heart doesn't pound like I'm going to have a cardiac episode.  I had two panic attacks last year where I thought something was happening to me because I was that out of shape.  I never want to go there again.

     -My BP has gone down to 118-120/70.

     -My face isn't swollen

     -My WLS pre op brought to light some thyroid issues and the removal of my thyroid.

     -I've gone down a clothing size 20 to 18

Things have definitely changed for the better and I'm so glad.

Thanks friends for supporting me...I've gleaned so much from your advice and support.

Happy Happy New Year.


  1. 20 lbs is amazing!!! Not far from Onderland right??

  2. Those are fantastic accomplishments Rachel-- those are 20 lbs lost FOREVER.

  3. Congrats--This is just the beginning!!


  4. What a great way to start 2011 on a high note!! You go girl!

  5. 20 lbs that's great! 2011 is going to be your YEAR enjoy it!

  6. Yaaay, congrats! I, too, get frustrated sometimes with slow weight loss, and it definitely helps to focus on the changes that aren't scale-related. Hooray for a healthier start to 2011 :)

  7. Definately a VERY positive way to begin the New Year!! What a terrific accomplishment!! High Fives ALL around - I am so proud of YOU!

  8. Yeah.. gotta love losing the 20 lbs.. say good bye and never to see them again..I am with Nicole 2011 will be your year!!

  9. You started with low BMI like me, 20lbs has go to feel awesome ESP. Clothes!

  10. AWESOME Rachel! And great NSVs!

  11. Wow - those are great NSV's! I am almost down 20 - hoping tomorrow that is what the scale shows. Congratulations!