My Banded Time

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Band and My Career

Missed blogging and reading-that is why I'm blogging 3 times today-I'm trying to reconnect to my blog family community.

After the craziness of the last couple of months/weeks, I'm getting recognition for my work and was offered a transfer/promotion of sorts to be a Principal in another consulting group within our firm...flattering...I'm not sure that I want the added pressure right now since my kids are young but still it was nice to be recognized and asked by someone I respected.  

Regardless, its still a great NSV because one of the reasons I got the band was for my career.  I perceived the weight as a handicap in my field where personal presentation is so critical.  I make a lot of presentations/pitch ideas.  I felt really stifled by my weight and my inability to control my escalating weight.   I don't feel that way anymore and that is a great NSV.  I never felt unsuccessful but I felt really inhibited about my weight and  that the way I felt about myself was really undermining my confidence and showing.  I am so thankful that the band because I feel that my true skills and talents can emerge more directly without being masked by my appearance.

Thanks for listening.


  1. I love this! Great NSV, Rachel.

    I love seeing how we all grow so much more confident after just even a few pounds lost, and then even more so as they keep coming - it's brilliant. :)

  2. Wonderful to read all of your posts Rachel (I too am in a bit of catch up mode with the blog world). I know that you are giving some credit to the band, but honestly, from what I have read you are an incredible dedicated employee. You certainly impress me as a take charge get it done type of person and you are the kind of person I would be interested in promoting regardles of weight, religion, creed, or anything else out there.. does appearance play into things (probably at some firms) but it shouldn't.. I know in Marketing and Sales it does. Kudos to you for feeling good about the whole package.. hugs

  3. I can definitely relate here. One of the big reasons I got the band was because I am getting ready to start my career, and I hear horror stories about good candidates being passed over because of their weight. I am really happy for you and the promotion, even if you do not accept it. That has to feel good!

  4. Congratulations on your potential promotion. Things seem to be going so well for you, and your increased confidence can only help.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Huge NSV!!! Congrats on the promo!! as you say, whether you take it or not, it is great recognition and came from someone you respected! I so relate to your thoughts about how your weight could hold you back...I was the same way in that I pushed through, but I think people are judgemental in business and make assumptions about heavier is wrong but I think true. I'm Soo happy you can stand proud now...AWESOME!!!

  6. I think that's the best NSV I've heard in awhile. Growing confidence is what we're all looking for. Congrats on the promotion offer!