My Banded Time

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Ultimate Goal? Not to be Defined by my fat-A Head Game

Being obese is exhausting and time consuming:

1)  You spend time taking care of the health morbidities caused by obesity
2)  You feel bad about the way you look to society/others
3)  It's hard to find clothes that fit.  And finding clothes that fit and make you feel OK takes a lot of time. 
4)  You tend to obsess about food/diet all the time.

I'm threw with that!!!  With this band, I'm really trying to change my behavior:

1) Eat balanced, nutritious foods on a regular a pattern and rthym that I can sustain. 
2)  Being able to ingest 1000-1200 kcals of good food by naturally choosing good foods
3)  Chewing carefully out of habit, not gulping food.
4)  Drinking water throughout the day habitually versus force feeding/drinking
5)  Being active naturally versus forcing myself to move.

When I look at the band as a behavior modification tool it becomes so much easier for me.  Some days are better than others but if I can sustain this for the long term I know I'll be OK.  By no means is it easy breaking these horrible habits that I've built into my life for years...but the band has helped so much.

Thanks for listening.


  1. that is the perfect perspective Rachel. I have really tried hard to focus on the water and quality protein as you have stated. Good for you.. these are part of the breakthroughs of the journey

  2. I love your thinking!! Being obese IS a full time job - one that I am soooo ready to put my two weeks notice in!

    You inspire me, and I am so happy that we're friends! Thank you!

  3. Isn't this journey just one revelation after another? I realized that sustainability is the key. I know I can't go balls to the wall crazy at the gym to lose weight, because it's not something that is sustainable for me. much like the food we eat, my exercise is in helps to avoid burnout. Still though, there are days where this still messes with my mind!

  4. Another great post!! I'm right with you - I'm working hard on developing the habits that are sensible and sustainable. One day at a time!!!

  5. Yes! It IS exhausting and still is a little bit. Just in different ways. I still find myself obsessing over food and how I'm eating and if I've been active. I'm hoping that practice makes perfect and eventually it will be second nature to do these things without me having to try so hard.