My Banded Time

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's My Birthday Tomorrow and I Feel Sad...

I'm going to be 47 years old tomorrow.  I'm unsure why but I feel sad, but these might be some of the factors:

1)  Not Near Goal At ALL-I went clothes shopping and I realize I'm not thin yet and have a ways to go....I had a dream going into surgery 9/2010 that I'd be thin and normal by my birthday.  I didn't reach that benchmark...I still have a long way to go.
2)  Ugly Business Trip Flashbacks-During the business trip there were mirrors all over my was depressing to see every imperfection, in really clear detail 360 degrees!  Again reaffirming that I have a long way to go.
3)  Ungrateful Kids-I took my two kids to Washington DC to see the sites today...they wanted to stay home and watch video games and was the last place they wanted to be.  I love my kids, I love being with them and there were great moments today but there were a lot of moments of..."get me back to my Nintendo and air conditioned house".
4)  Lethargic Husband-All my husband did was lay on the couch all day.
5)  The Neighbors-I want to sell my house but my next door neighbors had their house burn down a year ago and they have been haggling with insurance for the last 18 months.  They aren't the most ethical people and I think they are trying to commit insurance fraud...our house is really nice but it is hard to sell a house that sits next to a burnt mini mansion.  I want to move and sell our house while the buyer's market is still great.
6)  My Husband Again-I'm pretty sure my husband didn't prepare anything for my birthday...I'm almost 47 but still a baby about this...I grew up in a family of girls where birthdays were a huge deal.
7)  Helicopter Moms-My sons are in a special advanced program at their elementary school...a lot of the moms are very involved in the school activities, policies.  One of the moms is trying to get my son's 4th grade teacher reprimanded and fired because she feels that the teacher doesn't like her son.  A lot of well educated moms, with former high profile careers.  A lot of people only have one or two children and had them late in life.  Now they are channelling all their energies into their kids.  I'm proud of my kids for being in this program and working hard; but some of the moms in this program are nuts.  I'll be glad when summer rolls around.

Please excuse the "down" post...I'm TOM and I'm still tired from my Philadelphia business trip.

I know Easter is tomorrow and it is a holiday of spiritual renewal and blessings...I'm hoping that when I wake up tomorrow...I feel it.


  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow! It's okay to feel down once in a while. I am having that kinda of day too. My in laws want to put their house on the market too and the next door neighbors house burned down! Unfortunately, it was a murder suicide and fire issue. They are still waiting for the house to be rebuilt so they can move forward. I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Happy early birthday. So sorry you are not enjoy it like you should! Don't stress about where you thought you would be at this point. In stead, look back at where you were at your 46th birthday. You've improved greatly since then! And man, can husbands be idiots when it comes to celebrating their women! Hopefully he will surprise you. Cheer up, we're all happy you were born!

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling sad but I'm wishing you a happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Rachel, first let me say happy birthday. Happy Birthday girl! Not all days are good ones. Little things trigger us! But by your posts...the Rach you let us see is mostly happy. Thankful for how far we've come. And lady...we've come so far. We didn't get our issues in one year and they won't go away in one year. BUT look how far you've come!!

    Kids will be kids! Kick em around. They'll remember it when they are older...not appreciate it when they are younger!

    Thinking of you today and tomorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday Rachel. I'm a new follower. I hope you have a great day, and take some time to spoil yourself.

  6. I hope your birthday is wonderful, a true turnaround from last night! You deserve so much happiness :)

  7. Happy birthday for tomorrow, I really hope that your husband has something arranged for you.
    I hear you with taking the kids out when the want to be home doing nothing! We were planning a trip to London to see the Royal Wedding sites but have been told by my daughter that weddings are boring.
    I also really really really hear you on helicopter parenting, I think that our kids are at the same school on different continents!

  8. Happy Birthday Rachel!

    You day with the kids made me think of a five day road trip we took with my three kids. WORST. TRIP. EVER! We went to the Grand Canyon & Lake Powell. There were fights, tears and threats of turning this truck around Right Now! I think I broke down crying like ten times.

    The other day (10 years later) they were here at the house talking about how cool that trip was and how we should take our boat to Lake Powell again. Gene and I looked at each other in shock! I don't think so.... LOL

    Keep fighting the good fight! I hope you enjoy your special day today...

  9. First my sweet friend Rachel, Happy Birthday. What a great age to be (I will gladly switch places with you). So here is something I have learned in life, if you expect nothing you will not be disappointed in life. Make the day special yourself. And you know, I bet that husband has given it some thought, for some reason men need to lay on the couch to think!..
    Do not fret about your goal weight.. it will come off, believe me there was no slower loser than me.. I think the body needs to catch up.. also.. treat yourself to walk tomorrow.. just you time, no kids, no husband.. just grab your ipod and go.. If the family hasnt set an agenda, do what you want... be good to you..hugs to you and again Happy Birthday

  10. Happy Birthday! We all have those down days...especially when things feel like they're piling up. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Easter! And you're closer to your goal than you would've been otherwise. You should be proud of your progress.

  11. oh how I know those days/posts...where all you can see is the down/lows of the journey and nothing is going right...mine also tend to happen around TOM. I hope though that things are looking a bit brighter and Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm catching up so sorry I'm late. Through the ups and downs, just remember to pat yourself on the back for not giving up and keeping can do it!

  12. Happy Birthday My Friend!! And a Happy Easter to you too!

    Don't worry about literally dragging the kids away from their beloved air conditioning and video games - they'll thank you one day! It may not be until they're thirty, but they will!