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Friday, February 4, 2011

Honesty...Definitely the Best Policy: The Truth has Set me FREE!

THE TRUTH HAS SET ME FREE...from my slow losses~!

I'm an honest person but when it comes to weight loss, I think I've been deluding myself and that is why I wasn't able to lose weight successfully in the past.  Even with this WLS I was using excuses and deluding myself: my thyroid surgery, my age, my initially lower BMI.  I've been losing but slowly and these variables probably did effect some of my slow losses, but truth be told I was holding myself back.  Then I had a wake up call when I emailed a fellow blogger and asked her about her phenomenal success...She like other successful bandsters is an HONEST rule follower.

I've been losing and I want to share what helped me go on a downward trek:

1)  Logging Food Religiously-Using - I've received a re- education of sorts and have adjusted my eating patterns and by God...I've been losing much faster!  I have to admit some of it is probably my thyroid surgery, my fills falling into place but the honest tracking everything you eat is imperative, especially, when you have a history of poor eating habits.    I love because you can actually see your protein, fat, carb intake, your net calories and it forecasts how successful/unsuccessful you will be if you keep up certain habits.

2)  Setting a Higher Standard-I really applauded myself for eating smaller portions with the band.  Its true that I don't eat huge restaurant portions anymore and I don't eat like my 27 year old nephews who can regularly eat at buffets and retain 10% body fat.  But rather that rest on these laurels, I need to eat like a thin and healthy person.   I try to stick with 1200 kcals a day.  With my age and office job I need 1200 kcal or less to achieve any sort of significant weight loss.

3)  Moving More-The basic reality is I have a sedentary job in which I'm sitting in meetings, writing presentations or giving presentations.  The biggest work out is on my fingers.  So I'm doing ZUMBA and trying to be as active with my little boys as much as possible.

I know that all of you ladies know this information so thanks for reading...

I'm going to wait to go to the MD before changing my ticker...but by God my weight is going down and I'm getting smaller!!!

Have a nice weekend...The Lap Band does WORK!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are doing these things now! I bet you'll see serious results. I know that when I'm not food logging, I don't really lose (and sometimes I gain). Food logging has helped me tremendously. Congrats girl!

  2. thats awesome that you are logging. it really helps me stay on track. I cant wait to see what your next weight in is!!!

  3. I've just come to the same conclusion, haven't tried though, will try that.

  4. I agree with all three of these goals!!
    I really kind of like logging my food everyday. I see a lot of people in blog world hate it because it makes them feel like they are on a diet. While I can appreciate that thought..for me it works to log...or at least it did in the past! If I want a treat or to go out I plan ahead to eat better so I can have that treat! Doesn't mean that I will never ever eat above my goal of 1200 just that I aspire to eat to it most of the time!

    No one can ever just lose weight by diet alone. No one can ever just lose weight by exercise alone. So I too am trying to do both. Some weeks I am great some weeks not so much!

    Portions. I struggle with this. Not so much anymore because since tuesday I am actually feeling restriction. But it has been my bane in the past. Hopefully this will never be my problem again!

    You're going to do great!

  5. I always like the way you think! I'm a believer in logging - EVERYTHING!! I think it's part of the EIP "everything in its place" disorder I have!! But, it WORKS!

    And, I've learned that if we're not honest with ourselves, it isn't going to work!

    GREAT post!!

  6. Good for you!! Love your strategy and your attitude!

  7. Great post! It's so true. Until we really start being honest with ourselves, we can't even begin to move on. Sounds like you've really got it together

  8. wahooo..way to work it!


  9. Thanks again for posting that, I'm sorry that I couldn't remember, I'm very grateful!

  10. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog! I was reading through your blog and noted that you had your thyroid out -- glad to hear it was not cancer! I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 21 and I have to say I am VERY thankful for my endocrinologist, he's excellent, very knowledgeable and explains everything to me every time. I also had a great surgeon who took my thyroid out, of course I'm sure it also didn't hurt that I also worked for him as his medical assistant :) but seriously I've been blessed with excellent physicians in my life and I try not to take them for granted because there are some really crummy ones out there. ~ Sarah

  11. Rachel - great strategy and I am going to start logging my food more religiously too - some days I do and some days not but the push is great! Keep it up!

  12. I am going to start logging! Thank you!