My Banded Time

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a Little More to GO and Some Commentary on Fat Police!

I'm getting closer to Wonderland(One - Der Land).  I'll change my ticker officially after the MD weighs me 3/9.  I just want to say that up front so that I can be accountable to my great peer group out in blog land.

My weight loss journey has been a private, sometimes slow but steady one.  I don't advertise my journey outside of this blog, except with my best friend and my husband who is like my best friend.  But as I've started to lose weight, people feel compelled to police me a bit.  A fellow consultant and work who I work closely with lost 70 lbs 10 years ago and has kept it off.  We often work all day on presentations.  Today we went to lunch and he asked me how much salad dressing I put on my dressing and how much.  And then he showed me his salad and how he chose the non fat alternative....And then he was asking me about my weight loss and how my exercise is going.  He's been in maintenance mode for 10 years and he is very obsessed with not gaining weight.  After he lost weight,  he felt that the world opened for him.  You know how some people are born again Christians?  He's a born again thin person.  Then my sister noticed my weight loss and said, "Do you know the value of sustained exercise, increasing your heart rate and truly burning calories?"  And then she proceeded to talk about the values of exercise on weight loss for the next hour.  PLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE  I've been dieting all my life.  I've found something that works...please leave me alone, unless you want to compliment my shrinking body LOL!  I know it all comes from good intentions...but boy can it get irritating.

I've been wearing Large LL Bean Shorts, not XL.  And I can sit and exercise in them!!!

Posting is such therapy...I was a way a couple of days working etc.  Posting and reading really keeps the momentum up for me.

Thank you my lovely friends.  I appreciate you.


  1. Hey Rachael!! Congrats on your steady weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race. I am a smart ass at heart. I can't help's just me. The next time someone thinks they should police what you eat or do give them some attitude and tell them to mind their own damn business. LOL

    We are proud of you in Blogland!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Ahh...the fat police LOL...I didn't get many not telling (at first), so I'm surprised you have. Loved the 'don't compare blog true. -BG

  3. Ugh. I cannot stand people who do this. I have one at work who noticed I had lost a little weight and now EVERY time she sees me, it turns in to her selling me some new "metabolism increasing" food/tea/vitamin. You're right that it comes from a good place but it's still annoying.

  4. I feel ya. I can't stand it, either. You don't know what I know, so stop judging, that's what I want to say to them... I know they mean well, but I promise - I can teach, too! I love it when some skinny b&*% starts to tell me how to cook or shop or eat or whatever. I can almost always trump them with knowledge - and if they take it there, then so do I. They are always floored and I'm left feeling a little satisfied.

    Probably a bad attitude...but...seriously, get over yourself, you fat police types!

  5. I can't stand when people try to tell me what to do. Eventually I think you are going to have to let them know while you appreciate their advice, you'd prefer to continue losing weight the way you have been doing it.

  6. What an ass! I hate it when people do crap like that!

  7. I loved your "fat police" and "born again thin person" - you nailed it!! I really dispise when others tell me what's "good for me" - sigh.... You're doing it YOUR way, and you're succeeding - that is ALL that matters!

    I'm with you on this one!