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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Compare...WLS Diversity...We are Not All Created Equal and Loose Skin Product!

I was chatting with our WLS dietian...she was calling in my results from my 3 month post op blood work (which were great except for the calcium levels which is more to due with my thyroid).  I was asking (grilling) her what the ideal fill is, what the ideal restriction was, what the ideal rate of loss was.  She told me that there are no standards aside from the prescribed basic rules (solids first, no drinking 1 hour before, after...).  And she also told me that people are very different and so are their weight loss journeys...because patients have different:

1) Sized stomachs
2) Stomach linings
3) Sensitivity in their vagus nerves
4) Metabolism
5) Lifestyles
6) Health Status (thryoid, heart conditions, diabetes)
7) Eating Disordered (bulimia, anorexia, medication)

So her basic message is don't get caught up with other people's stories...focus on your own...follow the rules...and listen to your body.  DON'T COMPARE...Amen to that.  This is so simple but makes brilliant sense...our paths to weight gain have been so our paths to weight loss and ideal BMI will be different.

I think the best thing I've done for myself is to journal everything I eat (, follow the rules and to really listen to my body.  For instance:

1)  Two Meals-I'm fine with two meals and coffee for breakfast.  I really need to eat liquids only in the am because of my restriction/tightness and because I take synthroid, supplements. 

2)  I need 1200kcal or Less per Day-To lose weight, I really need to stay at about 1200kcals or less.  It doesn't matter if others can get by with just eating 3 cups of food or 1500 kcals or 1700 kcals.  My body needs 1200 or less until/when I ramp up my exercise.  My lifestyle is becoming more active as I introduce more exercise but to be honest for 8-10 hours during the day, I'm sitting in meetings or writing. 

3)  Eating Slower Has Been Key-I think I got into a pattern of eating fast because of the stress of juggling my job/young motherhood.  Now that the kids are more independent and because I've moved into a more family friendly corporate environment; I can measure, sit and eat and listen to my vagus nerve/stop when I'm full.

Now...lately I've also noticed my skin dimpling as the fat decreases and the skin wonders where it went.  My skin has looked funny and its been itchy.  I've been using this great product:

This skin therapy oil is great for just plain moisturization but it also is know to help (which by the way...all apply to me at this stage!!!) :

  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Dry Damaged Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Aging Skin

I know I haven't lost 100 lbs but I'm thinking positive and imagining that it will help me as I lose each week.  It has gotten rid of the itchy feeling and seems to be fading my stretch marks...I have several friends who used this during pregnancy and it really helped their skin bounce back.  I feel more comfortable in my skin lately.  It was about $13.00 for 5 fl oz. 

Thanks for listening.   Have a great week..Have a healthy week.


  1. I have been wondering what to use on my skin. Thanks for the review. I battle everydaytring not to compare. It's so tough!

  2. Hi Rachel. I am a new follower and just wanted to say that this was a really good post. I just got my first fill yesterday and was so disapointed that I only got 1cc - and I don't even know that that's not enough since I have been on liquids! So you are right, we are all very different and it is best not to compare!

  3. As always you're spot on!! I love reading your posts, I learn so much from YOU!! Thank you for helping me as I work toward that band!~

  4. Great post!!! And so very, very true. It's so easy to want to compare, but the truth is - it just doesn't make any sense to do that!!

    And thanks for the product review - I think I might have to try some.

  5. it is natural that we want to compare ourselves to others...The good news is that although we all don't have the same bodies, band stories, stomachs and lifestyles with this big group of us on the web we can find someone who is very similar to our path and get advice :) Way to rock it and get people thinking about the diversity.


  6. Great blog and spot on!

    Thanks for the product review - it worked, I want to try it!

  7. I know we shouldn't compare, but it's so hard not to. Thanks for info on oil.

  8. I think this is a very individual journey.. and your are right what works for one will not work for all.. we sort of need to figure it out as we go.. its still good to read how people do manage.
    I dont necessarily compare myself, for one, I am as odd as they come, and I really am still trying to figure things out as we speak.
    Will definitely look for that mositurizing oil.. skin is a hanging!!! thanks Rach!

  9. I agree, I compare, even though I SO try not to. I know people have started at higher weights than me and will most likely lose faster, etc. But it's still hard not to wish you could hit the same loss others are getting. :D

    Anyway, thanks for the review of the skin product, mine is looking a little rough as well. =/

  10. in the first few months of my surgery, I compared myself to EVERYONE. People who lost more in the pre-op, peopl who lost more post op and then the people who lost quickly in the monts after the surgery.

    Then it clicked. We are all different. This is not a race. We all don't look alike, we all don't have the same personalities, why should we expect to lose weight in the same way as everyone else...Thanks for this post!