My Banded Time

Monday, February 21, 2011

What made you get the band?

When I've had weak moments lately, I've had to remind myself what led me to get the band and why its important for me to make this succeed and as Susan says,  "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION":

1)  My 9 year old son started reading diet books to "help" me.  Even he realized it was getting bad and he was worried.  Of all things, stressing him out was a real wake up call for me.

2)  Regularly outgrowing my work clothes and having progressively limited selections.  I used to wear designer only!  How did I stoop to such a level where I cared so little about myself and how I looked?

3)  A co worker running into me at a meeting and having a shocked look on her face and saying, "What happened, I can barely recognize you?!"  The last time she had seen me was 40 lbs before.  She's a nice person but straight forward and she was geniuinely shocked.

4)  A friend taking me aside because of "true concern" for my health

5)  Having a panic attack and feeling like I was having a heart attack one night.

The band has helped me turn things around:

1)  I'm down almost 30 lbs

2)  Yesterday my son told me that he thinks I look much healthier. 

3)  I'm fitting into smaller clothes each week

4)  I went out to dinner with girl friends who I haven't seen in 3 months and one of the first remarks was, "You look so much healthier!"...As I walked out, two friends hugged me and said they were so happy and glad that I looked and felt better.  I could tell that their feelings were of heart felt relief for me.

5) Not huffing and puffing and not feeling bloated

Because the band has turned things around, I need to continue honoring it for the rest of this life long journey.  I have no regrets...I'm so glad I had WLS.


  1. How wonderful it was to read this validation of why the band works.. I think you will pretty much get feedback that its a journey.. not only for losing weight but self discovery.. It happens to me each and everyday.. things that I would have reached to grab as comfort food just dont interest me.. I am not perfect, but I can see the change in choices. and it also validates the feeling of putting yourself first in the "I am important to me" category.. hugs to you Rachel..

  2. I'm so lad theband is working for you and hs changed your life! My "a-ha moment" was when I saw a picture of me at Christmas in 2009 and I just couldnt believe I had let myself go. I knew I needed to make a change. I just wish I had done this sooner!

  3. While I wish I've lost more, the band has helped me in a lot of ways. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. My moment was when I realized how much being overweight was influencing every part of my life - but mostly my career b/c I need it as I am the primary bread winner. But also stopping me from doing things with my kids and just overall depressed.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! When I read your post I really needed it b/c I had just eaten 3 mini Reese's chocolate eggs at 40 calories each. I have been struggling a bit over the last couple of days so I needed to be reminded "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION"!

    I totally relate to your #2. I couldn't believe what I was dressing in for work compared to how I wanted and used to dress. It is getting better though :).

  6. Excellent post! We all need to reflect on WHY we did this from time to time, especially when the going gets rough...or when we're having one of those days where chicken and rice won't go down, but Reese's PB cups will (um...sorry, got to talking about my day!). You go girl!

  7. I just sorta fell into getting the band but if I had to say the deciding factor was that I had high blood pressure.

    Great post!

    Thank you for your comments and ideas, much appreciated!

  8. what a great last few posts you have had! I am not sure how I missed them until now.

    I had just come off two failed attempts at dieting (lost 46 pounds only to stall). I was back on my high blood pressure meds, having irritable bowel problems, two bouts with hernias and my ankles were swelling almost daily. Finally I knew I was about to become a grandma and knew I would never see my grandson to adulthood if I didn't solve this problem once and for all.

    Now I have more energy than I did when I was in my 20's. I weigh less than I did when I was in 8th grade and know I will meet my great grand-children.


  9. Great post! I think it's important to reflect on how far we've already come on the journey. Some people are already at goal but reflect back to stay there. Others, like me, aren't anywhere near goal but need to reflect but things are already so much better! Thanks for the reminder!

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