My Banded Time

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming up for Air & Hey I tried on a 16 and it fit!

Literally, I'm coming up for air.  I have two sick little boys with the flu and I'm mentally preparing myself for a 3 day conference next week (March 1-3) where I'll be talking all day for 8 hours.  I'm going to see my WLS doctor on March 9 and mentally it is important for me to be firmly in onederland to show him and myself my level of commitment.  Does this make sense?  I often feel like I'm going to take a final or getting graded when I see my surgeon.  I'm on a modified pre op diet.  Modified because I ate like 10 Doritos in a moment of madness and stress.  In the famous words of Susan, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION and I think I may need to tattoo this onto my body with a Sharpee.

I occasionally try on smaller clothes.  I tried on a pair an old pair of size 16 shorts(dreaming of summer/spring) this am and they fit!!!

Hope you have a great week.


  1. Here's wishing you an easier time..wishing those little guys recover and that you able to knock 'em dead at the conference (I know that feeling.. keep yourself hydrated sweetie, gotta keep those vocal chords in good shape). And don't fret about the fill.. sometimes not loosing weight provides justification for the fill.. big hugs to you Rachel!!

  2. Sounds like you have your hands full. Hope you don't get sick!

  3. Boo for the flu!
    Hope everyone recovers soon.

  4. Failure won't be a problem! You're doing great. :)

    Hope the boys feel better soon, sick little men = no fun.

  5. Just keep telling it to yourself! I had a bad night eating at my conference tonight but setting my alarm for the gym in the am before meetings. Can't let anything set us back. I had 2 sick ones this week too- makes it so much harder and it is already hard!
    Good luck with your presentations.

  6. Great NSV! Sounds like you're pretty busy. I always feel like I'm getting graded by my doc too...even though I know this is all in my head as he's been nothing but supportive. You're doing great!

  7. that is awesome! congrats!

    - Lisa