My Banded Time

Friday, March 18, 2011

Growing Health Self Esteem

Lately, I've been very careful about cooking, eating and exercising.  I'm treating my body with the love and care I always should have.  I'm taking vitamins, going to the doctor, going to the dentist regularly, just prioritizing my health.

I do feel sad about the poor health self esteem I had for the last 10 years where my health was the last priority, which had a low rank after work, my little kids, and my commitment to others.   I've cancelled so many MD and dentists appts because things came up. 

I had the hardest time sleeping for the last 8 years and it turned out I had a tumor on my thyroid; but I never really pushed to find out what was causing my sleep issues versus listening to my OBGYN or General Practioners who said it was probably obesity or pre menopause symptoms.  I'd also be embarrassed to go for check ups to my GP and OB GYN because I'd hear the "fat" lecture.  That was so naive and dumb!

But after the band, my health self esteem grew.  I got my mojo back.

Please friends, prioritize your health, got to check ups, demand answers to your health issues from the right specialists.   You are totally worth it!


  1. Amen to that Rachel.. and you are worth every bit of being number 1 on the list.. hugs.

  2. Ooh my, I hoPe ur ok! I do the same thing, I sleep horribly and my back kills me, but I know what the docs would say, so why go? Well, no more!

  3. I totally agree with you girl!!! I've got personal reasons (not me, but someone close to me) for absolutely loving this post...but will respect their privacy and not go into detail. Thanks for the reminder about how important WE are!

  4. Good reminder!

    I did the same thing. I didn't go to the dentist for a long time and thankfully when I started going back I had no major issues! Same with the OBGYN. Getting back on track to a better me!

  5. Love this, we should put ourselves first! I mean, for the majority of the bloggers here, we all made that change by getting the lapband... why not continue it to other areas of our lives and health? :) Great post!

  6. Love, love, love this post! I can "hear" your confidence in your words - and yes, we ARE a priority, and need to be reminded!

    Thank YOU!!

  7. Great, great post!!!! I sense the enthusiasm and I so relate to it..I feel I could have written many of the same things..especially avoiding the "fat" talk from all the doctors. It is definitely about putting yourself first!! have a great weekend!

  8. This was a great post! I think thin people even do this to some extent just because we're all so busy and have so much going on. Remember - thin doesn't equal healthy so they could be getting lectures too.