My Banded Time

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Times Like This....I want to eat and eat and eat and eat!!!

I've been up all night trying to write a client document!!!  I had a 26 year old guy assigned to write the document and capture information, as I was giving the presentation; but he was too busy flirting with another 24 year old female consultant in the room.   He sent me his notes and it was obvious that his mind wandered, a lot.  I'd love to ream him out and put him in a dungeon to finish this document but he has no clue and it has to get done.  Even if I did an aggressive mentorship or coaching session, there is no way I could turn around this document by Thursdsay unless I did the core myself.

Even after working 20 years in my field, there are times when things get unmanageable and out of control and boundaries are side swiped...its times like this when I want to eat.  I hate this out of control feeling!!!  I've been drinking coffee all night...

After I turn it in at 8's time to detox...

In a pefect world where there are servants, no stress and no pressure; I think dieting would be so much easier.  I think the challenge of weight loss is maintaining healthy habits a majority of the time; even when times are rough.


  1. I understand your frustration! I can't stand relying on others for part of something I have to do, especially when they have different standards of work than i do. Hang in there! And recognizing the desire to go crazy before doing so is really great!

  2. Want me to kick in him the knees!!? Grrr and double grrr! The fact that you haven't binged is fabulous woman!! I agree too..if someone was cooking for me and telling me to work out then I could " diet" but holding myself accountable all the time is so damn hard! But you're doing it!

  3. Oh Rach.. I know that stress!!..hopefully you get the project done.. plan to renew yourself tonight..
    Work stress is the worst because you depend on people to do their job (you know the one they get paid for)..
    Deep breaths and stay well

  4. Guys suck...just in general. I totally think in a stress-free world, we would all be thin with big boobs and small waists.

  5. I like manda pandas stress free world. big boobs and small waists.

    That 24 and 26 yr old are giving us of that age all a bad name. those punks. I hope your week destresses fast.

  6. I totally agree. I am not even stressed but picking today. I picked on a piece of chocolate cake and then a pretzel. Going to get my butt on the treadmill to make it stop! If I keep it up I am going to be on a plateau forever.

  7. Work stress is the worst.. I'm pulling for you!