My Banded Time

Monday, November 29, 2010

It wasn't that bad! I feel encouraged!!!

I actually got on the scale and it reflected a two lb loss from last week!  WOW.  I had eaten out of control Thursday/Friday but Saturday/Sunday were much better.  I realize I just need to be more consistent, especially when I'm under stress.   I go to the MD Friday for my 2nd fill.  I want to show more results to show them and especially myself my level of commitment.   After the surgery & all.  I don't want this to be another failed diet attempt.

Considering that today/tomorrow is TOM and last week was Thanskgiving...this loss ain't shabby!
 It is definitely an encouragement and more motivation to stick with it.

Eating Today - Mapping it Out
-Breakfast protein shake and a cup of coffee with non fat milk (120kcals)
-Lunch - salad  (300 kcals)
-Dinner - Lean Cuisine (260 kcals)



  1. Sounds like you didn't do as badly as you thought. You're under a lot of stress but don't let your results for the doc stress you out. I'm debating about going to see mine on 12/9. I don't think he's going to give me a fill so seems pointless to go.

  2. Wonderful loss--remember the band is there to help and you can with little deliberate changes lose :). Don't beat yourself up over little slips it is your body fighting back to stay fat.


  3. I agree with Tina! A fabulous loss!

  4. Ain't shabby at ALL!! Good job on the loss - especially considering the circumstances! You CAN do this!

    GREAT job!