My Banded Time

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anger Management-I was so mad I could have eaten a pizza but didn't

I'm a management consultant, I work on teams and usually the people are pretty professional.  Today, we had a 5 hour team meeting.  My team lead just got back from vacation and when we started to meet one of my colleagues (John) starts taking credit for all the work we did together.  And to be honest, I did a majority of the work.  He even managed to put me down in the process!!!!  I was so angry and I was of the things I struggle with addressing my emotions versus calming myself with food.  In the old days pre band 9/15; I would have eaten some junk food right away.  But this time I sought other alternatives.  After the meeting I called up my best friend and talked to a colleague during lunch.-just to calm down  When I returned to our team meeting after lunch I spoke directly to my team lead in a calm way and said, "I put a lot of effort into this work last week.."  With that opening her response was, "I know you probably did 80% if not more".  This seems like a little thing but being direct and straight forward is hard for me.  I would probably have suppressed the feelings or gotten too emotional or upset.  What I'm trying to learn how to do is get things off my chest...and not put things in my mouth!!!  I'm such an emotional eater and I know that part of my success with the band is to stop emotional triggered eating.  Part of controlling my weight, involves controlling my emotional responses without food.

On a happier note, I lost 4 lbs over the weekend after my first fill.  I had been standing still have my 10 lb post op weight loss but then over the weekend, I think some water weight disappeared.  It was nice.

Halloween was a blast with my little boys 9 and 8.  They collected 14 lbs of candy!!!  I did indulge without guilt and just got it out of my system.

Hope you are well dear friends in blogger land.


  1. Great job on being direct! It is really hard for me at times! My husband would disagree! Congrats on the 4lbs Keep it up, stay positive, and keep smiling!

  2. Hey! GREAT job on being so assertive!! It pays to stand up for yourself, and you did it!! I like reading the confidence in your words!

    Good job on the four pounds too!! Talk about a confidence booster!

    Stay positive!

  3. That's a HUGE NSV! Emotional eating seems to be one thing we all struggle with. So proud of you for facing what was upsetting you and handling it instead of hiding behind food. Good for you!

  4. Wow, that's great progress. Assertiveness is something that's hard to work on- good for you!