My Banded Time

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trying to get rid of bad habits.

I ate horribly on Thursday/Friday.

And today the band was very self correcting; everything I ate, stuck.  I PBd in a big way for lunch.  This is humbling, I started with the best intentions but life got in the way.  And I'm starting to feel that unless I change a lot of things, the band will not work for me.  Thursday/Friday I just had so much pent up work and family stress:

 WORK STRESS- Except for Thursday, I was working mad hours.  Work stress got in the way of good nutrition.  My whole team went on vacation and we have a big project due Tuesday.  My lead comes back Friday into town and says the document we put together was not what she expected before she left on vacation.  She was super displeased.  I have a hard time with people being upset with me even at the age of 46.  The rest of the team was on vacation...two people didn't even turn in their stuff.

FAMILY STUFF-My in laws are nice but my nephew's family drives me bonkers at times.  They are fundamental Christian.  They have 5 kids.  Sometimes its just overwhelming to be around them.

Probate and Will.  I asked my niece and her husband if they would be legal guardians for our kids if anything happened to us. I'm really close to my niece and her family has the same value system as me and my husband.  I'm writing my will because I'm just getting around to it and I want things addressed before my thyroidectomy.  Not a life threatening procedure but surgery none the less.  And it was a good excuse to get it done.  They said no because they are the guardians for their siblings.  That seemed reasonable but I just felt as though they don't really care about our kids.  I know there excuse is very legitmate but I felt weird. 
Thyroid Surgery-I think I'm getting nervous about it.

I could not stop eating Thursday/Friday; it was scary.  I need to channel my anxieties into more constructive ways.


  1. Take a deeeep breath in and blow out slowly... You'll get back on track, I know you will. You've worked too hard not to! Life does get in the way of our best intentions sometimes, and try as we might, we find coping mechanisms that may not be the best ideas - although they seemed so at the time. The best thing to do is just start over. What happened yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be - now is all you need to be concerned with.

    As stressful as it can be, Work is work. If it wasn't work, it would be called "fun"..

    And, I would be a little unnerved too if someone I thought I had a very close relationship with gave me the answer you'd gotten from your niece.. Strange, but it is one of those things you have to accept.

    It does sound like your operation is causing you much stress.. Even though not life threatening, it is still very worrisome.. Maybe just try taking some time each day to think about you, your health, and getting better... You will be in my thoughts and prayers, my Friend.

  2. It sounds like you have a ton of things on your plate...ultimately we can only worry about the stuff we can do something about (learned this one the hard way and over years of work)...the band oddly has helped. I wish you luck!!