My Banded Time

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What are your Best Practices???

When I read on your blogs, I find that a lot of you get similar and very different advice from the advice I've received from my practice.  I'm just curious about....:

1)  How much water do you drink?  

I always get in at least 64 ounces a day. 

2)  When do you drink water?

It was recommended waiting 1 hour after eating to drink water.  
I was told to stop drinking 30 minutes before eating something.

3)  How much protein do you eat?

Our group diet consult recommended 60 oz a day for everyone.  But from the blogs, it looks like a lot of you eat quite a bit more protein. 

4)  Do you still do protein shakes?

I'm 2 months post op and my PA asked me if I was still drinking two shakes a day in between meals?  Waaaah...I hate shakes!

5)  What is your favorite band friendly mushy?

I love non fat refried beans with melted cheese and taco bell salsa.  170 kcals and full of protein.

6) How many kcals do you take a day or do you not count kcals?  

I try for 1200-1400kcals a day.  My dietian told me to just try to eat 1 cup of food per meal of healthy food.  I think I need a little more accountability. 

7) What foods make you stuck?

Dense breads like pizza dough, bagels, rolls.


  1. Great questions! I personally, do not count calories. I count my protein. I try to get at least 80+ grams of protein in a day. I eat weight control oatmeal made with milk and 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. I add fresh strawberries and a couple of chopped walnuts. That gives my about 40 grams just at breakfast. I usually eat a small salad with chicken or sliced turkey and cheese. One of my favorite meals is 1C Hormel chili w/o beans. I add some shredded cheese and low fat sour cream. I drink water all day long. I drink up to the time I have my meal and I wait 1 hour after to drink again. I really do not have trouble with too many things unless I eat it too fast or do not chew enough. I don't usually have bread unless I am out to dinner though. Hope that helps.

  2. Thee are great questions! I wish everyone would do this!

  3. 1) I'm bad about water. I'm supposed to get 64 oz. If I count my coffee in the morning, I probably get 40oz. I'm working on this to make it better but it is so much harder than one would think-- especially because about the only time it reliably occurs to me to drink is around mealtimes, when it is prohibited.

    2&3)I have the same water and protein recs you do.

    4)I do protein shakes as a meal replacement (breakfast) about 2-3x a week. I actually like them and found one that tastes like a vanilla milkshake, so it's not a problem.

    5)I agree on the ff refried beans-- I do black beans with salsa, cheese, and sour cream

    6)I don't usually count cals. I have had days when I have, but I don't do it regularly. This is going to have to change soon if I want to keep up my weight loss. When I've counted, I fall between 800-1200

    7)I don't have any restriction, so I've never been stuck.

  4. I'm having refried beans & cheese for dinner. MMMMMMMMMMM...............