My Banded Time

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another pound lost and a shout out of public thanks to LB Gal!

I lost another 1.5 lbs and I'm on TOM!  I account my recent losses on the education I received from Lap Band Gal's challenge to post our actual eating habits.

Ever since Lap Band Gap encouraged us to post our typical diet results, I've modified my diet.  I realized that although I was eating less than my previous overeating self,  it was not enough to realize actual weight loss.   And  I realize that I was not drinking enough or intaking enough protein.  Also I learned the value of patience and consistency.  I'll go through a week or two of no loss and then a week of 4-5 lbs.  I think its my body chemistry adjusting.  But I went through a period of never being able to lose any weight so I'm very happy about this.

For all those people who hate the shakes, try chugging a shake while you drink your am coffee. I realized that several of you do this.  It makes the shake a lot more palatable.  I imagine that I'm drinking a high calorie 4 bucks drink from Starbucks.

Have a healthy eating day.