My Banded Time

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What is your daily caloric intake?

I loved Lap Band Gal 's open question to people about their daily food intake and I loved reading through people's responses.  It was super educational for me and I was really amazed by the caloric intake of the Stars of the Band.  It seemed like the people who have managed to lose significant amounts of weight usually keep their kcals at 1200 or less than 1000.  What is your average caloric intake?  I made an appt with my dietitian to analyze my diet.  My dietitian told me not to obsess about calories but to focus on getting my protein and 3 meals a day that are 1 cup or less in volume.  I think I need more accountability.

I have a compounding issue with my thyroid which is going to be removed 12/29.  The endocrinologist says she thinks removing my thyroid (which has 3 tumors on it) will improve my sleep and that I will be able to lose weight faster.  But I think that I'm kind of using that as an excuse for being aggressive about weight loss.  The problem with my diet attempts in the past is that I'd fail after making excuses and rationalizations to myself.  I don't want to do that this time.  This week I stayed stable but I think I should be losing more than 17 lbs by the 2nd month.



  1. Yep, calorie counts are important...something I need to keep track of to be succesful. The loose rule of "3 meals" and "high protein" would be too high of calories for me... Good luck with your thyroid removal... :)

  2. I do not count calories. I try to think protein when I am hungry but as you can see by my two day list that I am not always great at it. I probably eat a variety of calorie levels in a given day. I do really believe that really low calorie days lead to weight loss for me. but I am a failed dieter and I avoid counting so as not to let the craziness of those days back in my life. My goal is that ther is no good foods or bad foods. There are however hungry days and not hungry days and when the hungry days outnumber the not hungry days it is time for a fill.


  3. I record my calories daily, but I'm not a slave to them. (Just like I weigh daily, but don't take any one weight too much to heart.)

    Over the past year I've averaged 1350 calories a day. I probably range between 900 and 1600.

  4. Hey Rachel.. I'll keep you in my prayers that your thyroid removal goes well and that you do well with it, too..

    I've been counting calories and logging them into FitDay. It's a great little site that gives you charts, graphs - all that terrific nerd stuff I love so much - and it's FREE! Free is always good!

    Have a great weekend!