My Banded Time

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I ate today...And some humble realizations!

Lap Band Gal has asked us what we eat and I've had fun reading people's blog logs of their dietary habits.  One thing I realized is that the successful losers who have lost significant amounts of weight eat much less than I do.  And they also do not graze like I do and they "plan" a lot of their food choices and they "move" a lot more than I do.  They truly deserve their losses.  So when I moan about my lack of losses, I humbly confess that that  I need to move, plan and stop grazing.  These blogs are so educational!!!! 

My surgeon's office staff is so nice but ,except for some of the support staff , I don't think any of them have ever had a weight problem.  So I get some much needed "real life" insight from your blogs...Thank you!:

64 + ounces of Water

1 cup of coffee with 2 TBs non fat milk
2 turkey sausages
1 scrambled egg/peppers/onion cooked together in olive oil

1 Celeste Individual Pizza
1 MacIntosh Apple
10 almonds
1 serving dark chocolate pudding

9 pieces of spicy shrimp sushi with avocado
1 ounce of roast chicken


  1. It gets easier as you have more restriction. I think you're doing great!

  2. Wonderful food choices!! I am so glad I've gotten to know so many through our "Sisterhood of the Blogs"!! I've learned sooo much more from all of YOU than I have from my Dr!

    Keep up the good work, Rachel!