My Banded Time

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Accountability in between MD visits?

For the band to work, I know I need to change my mental attitude towards food and stress.  To do this I know I need accountability.  I'm a person who does well with grades, job performance evaluations; I need to be accountable to someone.  With the band, I feel accountable to my dietian and MD but I will only see them every 5 weeks.  So for this reason I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers and of course I will keep up the blogging too.  I think the weekly weigh ins will be good and will keep me in check during the inbetween.  Also I try to weigh everyday like Caroline from Chronicles of Band Land.  I want to keep myself honest this time.

I'm currently seeing a therapist and she follows a lot of WLS patients but I think I will stop for a variety of reasons:

My Therapist

-Its hard for me to schedule regular appts during the week because my client schedule is so erratic.
-She lacks in the intimacy dept.  She only allows me to call her Dr. ______.  I called her by her first name once and she glared at me.  The other therapists I've worked with before have been warm, kind and professional at the same time. 
-Her eyes wander during my sessions and it is very obvious because of her large glasses which magnify her eyes.  It is also hard for me to take time out of the office to go to therapy

I definitely think therapy works but not with this therapist or this time in my life.

I do find the band blogging world therapeutic though.  I was just you keep accountable? 



  1. I know of a few other Bandsters who do WW also for the very reasons you listed. Don't feel weird about it. It is a good program.

    I hope you tell your therapist why you are quiting her. She sounds ghastly.

  2. I totally responded to you before I left my office but it's not here - I'm glad I looked again. Anyhoo... I'm right with you on the accountability thing - I definitely think it's a very important piece for me too. Right now I'm trying the idea of posting my weigh in every Friday on my blog, good or bad and hoping that I get to "know" enough people in a real way that it will help keep me accountable.

    As for the therapist - It sounds like you should definitely dump her. You know whether or not you connect in an important way and it sounds like you aren't with her - and by my way of thinking that's vital to any therapist/patient relationship.

  3. I have been doing WW. Right now, more for weekly weigh in and accountability. I've not used the points system much. I might start tomorrow, my meeting day, since I just had my fill and I now know a little on what I can/should/can't get down, etc.

    I agree with Amanda - bad news on the therapist. I think therapy is wonderful - but only with someone you trust and respect and want to see.

  4. The therapist sounds like she should be working at my old Rheumatologists office! She sounds horrible!! Perhaps it's time to move on..

    And, I've been accountable lately with the Hubs.. (gulp) actually told him my highest weight and we're both working to help me do what needs to be done for lap band. I figure, we're in this together, so I might as well take advantage of it!