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Saturday, October 30, 2010

NSV-Size 18 Business Clothes from Talbots, No Muffin Top!

Awhile ago, I stopped caring about fashion because I didn't respect my fat body.  I didn't think my body deserved the designer duds or accessories my size 10 body used to wear.   I work as a management consultant so I needed professional clothes but what I did was wear the same black, stretchy clothes over and over and over.  Prior to my surgery I was filled with years of self loathing about my fat/body.

Surgery has helped me realize that I need to honor my body and take care of it and myself.  And that regardless of my weight, I need to present myself with confidence and pride.  I've been accessorizing, wearing more makeup.  Taking more time to do my hair.  Today I went to Talbots and picked out several size 18 clothes, XL clothes.  Before surgery I was tightly in 20 bottoms.   

Things fit better...Although I only have lost 10 lbs since 9/15.  I know I'm more toned, less swollen etc. No muffin top.  Also I was thinking that I will share these with my new friends in band land once I out grow them so they were a good investment for me and my friends out there.  In two months time, these clothes will need a new home.  I will take good care of them in light of my future friend who will need them for work...

The on the left is a thick cotton with pleats on the side and a grosgrain belt.  The skirt on the right is brown silk.  Both skirts are lined and size 18W.   The tops are both XL knits with ties.

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  1. Beautiful clothes!! Way to GOOO!! I'm proud of YOU!!