My Banded Time

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weight Questionnaire-Me in a nutshell.

1. What was your highest weight, what do you weigh right now and what is your goal weight?
I think my highest was about 230.  I'm at 212. 

2. What is your #1 motivation for losing weight?
My kids...I want to be emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy for them.  My wake up call was when my thin 9 year old son started reading diet books so he could help me.

3. Have you always been overweight?
I started gaining weight when I was 8 and was chubby.  My obesity didn't start till college.  There was a period where I went from 140 to 200+ lbs.  Then I lost and gained 30-40 llbs through the next 20 years.

4. When you want to give up what inspires you to keep going?
The blogging community is incredible.  When I read people's posts, I gain perspective on what is normal, what things to watch for, how to handle situations (PB, sliming).  People are incredibly candid and open and supportive.

5. What is the #1 thing you look forward to when you hit your goal weight?
Walking around without shame or self consciousness.

6. Do you have support on your weight loss journey?
My husband is great, my friends are great and I'm seeing a therapist.

7. What is your favorite exercise?
Treadmilling and walking.

8. What is the most important thing you have learned on your weight loss journey?

To use the band to change my habits.  It is a support tool to help me accomplish what I need to.  But I need to change my psyche and way of life to make this journy successful.

9. What is one thing you have given up that you miss the most? 
Breads/carbs.  But I find that I can have tiny dosages.  I was banded 9/15 but will get my first fill 10/29.

10. What is your strategy for losing weight?
To eat small amounts of good quality food throughout the move my body and to grow through therapy and prayer.

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