My Banded Time

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Healing of My Mind and Body

One month ago today 9/15/2010, I was banded.  The banding is like an allegory of my life.  Last month a couple weeks before surgery I got really really depressed.  As I changed my eating habits to prepare for the band, I stopped medicating with food.  Because I wasn't stuffing down my feelings, I was feeling badly about my body, about my relationship with my sister, my fears about needing to get my thyroid removed and basically every professional failure I had in the last 5 years.  I am a perfectionist and when things don't go right, I medicate or used to numb myself with food.  After surgery, I started to process these thoughts, sort them out, face them:

1)  I changed projects at work and was vocal about the projects I'd like to do.  I ended up with a wonderful project that fit my skill sets.

2)  I set boundaries with my sister whose messy life I was trying to fix.  I came to terms that I can love her but I can't fix her.  Only God can.

3)  I made peace with the things I haven't done perfectly in the past.

4)  I talked to a lot of people, found a wonderful surgeon who explained my biopsy results (I have 3 tumors on my thyroid) and actually explained the process.  Believe it or not after 3 visits to 3 specialists, he is the only one who took the time out to explain my biopsy results and the surgery.  I also scheduled my surgery.

As I healed from the band, I was also healing mentally as I was addressing the issues in my life versus shoving them down with food.  I cried a lot, I felt a was hard.  I also went back to therapy and talked and talked and scheduled my surgery.

Yesterday the day before my one month banding anniversary I realized that my scars were all closed up and healing nicely and that I didn't feel so badly!!!!

Thank God for this band...its healing my body and mind.  And I'm also thankful for my follows and blog friends...I am not the blogging type; but in the last couple of days since I started blogging I feel so supported and encouraged.



  1. I know a lot of us self medicate with food - I know I did. Sometimes I still get the urge after a bad day go Target and buy Doritos and M&M's, but I realize the binge is no longer possible. I think that's why so many if us struggle with new emotions now.
    Your blog is a safe place you can get your feelings out and find support. I would say I thought I was crazy when I decided to start a blog, but it's brought so much to my life. Keep writing.

  2. Happy anniversary, Linda is spot on (as always!)

  3. Happy Bandiversary...very insightful post.
    Thanks for sharing.