My Banded Time

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi...After surgery I lost 10 lbs immediately...that was a month ago.  I haven't lost any more.  I feel challenged and pressured to lose more to:

-Show my nurse, dietitian and surgeon that I'm committed when I go in for my first fill 10/29.
-To show my husband that his encouragement and worries were not in vain and that I really do want to live a healthier life and be a healthier wife and mom.
-To show myself that this time, I will not fail and that I did not go through surgery and extensive testing for no reason.

Bandsters...thank you for all your encouragement!!!!  This is such a friendly community.  I appreciate you.


  1. I was exactly the same, lost lots for about a week and then nothing pretty much until my first fill. It's completely normal, you're doing great!

  2. you are doing great! From what I read this is pretty commen before the first fill. Stay positive!

  3. I stalled at about 12 lbs for at least 2 weeks. And it has gone VERY slowly since then. I just got my first fill and still am not feeling much help from the band. Perfectly normal and you're right on track. Hang in there!