My Banded Time

Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing Nada...feel nothing except hunger after my first fill!

I had my first fill this am.  3 ccs were added to my port.  It was simple...she gave me some numbing cream and I felt a slight pinch and then a little pain.  She said there was about 1 ml of water in the port already. 

I came home and had some tomato soup and I feel ravenous!!! Oh NO!


  1. My fills never kick in right away. It usually takes about a week until I feel anything!

  2. Can't help about the fills - I have nothing to fill yet.. Just hang in there! I hear it takes awhile. I'm rooting for you!

  3. hang in there and follow what they told you. although I jumped to mushies by dinner time on Tues when I got mine. But it felt good to just have two days of eating mushies. : )

  4. It is hard to guage your restriction when you're eating liquids or even mushies. The band is most effective with solid foods. Still most people require 3-5 fills to get good restriction. Keep getting your fills and practicing good Bandster habits (protein first, eat slowly, small bites, chew thouroughly, stop when you're full).