My Banded Time

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stuck in more ways than one...ALREADY!

I went to my first fill appt.  I have not lost or gained any weight since my first pre op appt.   I've been good for 5 weeks so I feel sad about that.  I'm unsure if its my TOM which is coming next week which is causing this early stall or if its my thyroid that I'm having removed in December.  But I'm discouraged.  I thought that if I was a good girl I'd at least lose 1-2 lbs these each of the last 5 weeks.  

I came home post fill ravenously ravenously I'm thinking this is not working; but then so many of you were kind enough to tell me it takes a while for fills to "take".  I'll be patient. 

For my first post op appt I had lost 10 lbs...I was hoping that this would be a common thread to my journey but when it didn't happen today; I started thinking..."OMG is this another failed diet attempt?"  But I read through a lot of success stories on your blogs: Linda, Catherine 55, DB, Phoneix Revolution...and I felt better. So many days your blogs would lead me to exercise and seek a better way.

My next appt is Dec 5 so I'm shooting to make this work and to show my surgeon/nurse practioner what I can do!

Thanks for listening....


  1. Not loosing now is to be expected, it's what usually happens and it's extremely annoying, I've been there too. I lost about the same as you post op and didn't loose any more for ages.
    Now you have a fill it will start to move, I know how horrible it is.

  2. Rachel.. it does take time to get that sweet spot going.. use this time to focus on things like "am I getting my protein in each day", do I chew my food thoroughly, small bites".. all of these little habits prepare you for RESTRICTION.. You don't want to go into restriction without learning how to handle the new eating rules.. hang in there.. all good things to come.

  3. I can imagine what you're going through right now seems very discouraging - but it will happen, just keep on keeping on! You're going to get there! It's not a sprint, it's a marathon...


  4. Don't get down Rachel - it takes awhile to get where you can really depend on the band to help you control portions. It took me forever to get decent restriction and while I waited it did feel like a diet, BUT for me I put so much effort into getting the band that I think I willed it to work.
    Barbara's right - use this time to get ready for restriction. Focus on the habits you will need to be successful. Plus, you've got all of us here to help.

  5. Hang in there Rachel. I was the same way - my older posts talk about this. You will not fail-the band will work for you, it just takes time. I was always ravenous after my fills too - it was almost like it stretched me out! One piece of advice, stay away from the scale in the begiining! The scale was not my friend, I expected to lose more than I did & it really got me down.