My Banded Time

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it Me or Is it Them? Weight Discrimination or Low Self Esteem?

One of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was because I felt that people judged me because of my weight and underestimated my abilities.  I felt this at work.  As a management consultant, I felt that my fat and my fat clothes were a handicap in the beautiful world of management consulting.  Christine at Phonenix Revolution pointed out that while there is weight discrimination, I should watch how I conduct myself and interact with others.  Do I interact confidently?  Do I state things affirmatively with conviction? Do I hide behind my weight?  Do people pick up on my second guessing?  That made me think

I think its a combination of both.  Yes, fat discrimination exists but I was using my fat as an excuse, as a shield.  Although I'm in the beginning of my journey and have only lost 10 lbs; I decided to take Christine's words to heart and to put myself out there in a more confident manner.  Even though its only been 10 lbs, its the jump start I needed.  I started speaking more confidently, asking for jobs/projects.  I'm now doing a project I really enjoy with a client I actually like.  I realize its all relative.  I know people who weigh 130 lbs who feel fat and wait and long for the day when they are think and can live out their dreams.  I want to live now versus later, when I reach my dream weight.  Me at the weight of 212 is starting to live my dreams...and make them come alive one day at a time.

Since getting banded 9/15/ crystalized in my mind that I have to stop hiding behind my fat and start living my life.   I realize that a large part of this journey is mental, not just physical and weight related.

Thanks for listening.


  1. My guess is it's both us and them! One of, well probably the biggest reason I got my band was for professional advancement. I'm down 130 pounds, and everything I had wanted is happening. I feel confident now, butI was when I was fat), but the world sure does treat thin women differently (better) than obese women get treated... I'm not imagining that! This is definitely an interesting subject... I can't wait to read your take on it as you lose weight.

  2. I agree it's a combination of both. I think fat discrimination definitely exists...there are certain stereotypes as overweight people being lazy or dumb. But I also agree that fat people aren't the only ones that face discrimination and it's up to us to prove people wrong.

  3. It's such a vast topic. I don't see as much discrimination in my area because I live in the south and everybody's got a family member that they love dearly who is fat. So, we are used to seeing it more. LOL

    However, I think that there is lots of discrimination out there against people who aren't as handsome or pretty as others as well. It always irks me when I see two candidates who are equally qualified, but everyone gravitates toward the bubbly little cutesy one.

    I agree with MandaPanda - it's definitely up to fat people to go out there and get what we want and prove to others that we are professional and qualified.