My Banded Time

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Reasons I Got Banded

1.  My weight was out of control and I had tried Weight Watchers numerous times.  I knew I needed a stronger weight loss method or intervention.

2.  I want to be there for my being there; I want to be there for them mentally, spiritually and physically.

3.  My older son started reading weight loss books because he wanted to help me.  This one killed me into submission.

4.  I am in a client facing career and I really do think people discriminate against the obese.  I wanted people to assess my skills and intelligence; not my outward appearance.  I know that the people who know me value me...but when I meet people for the first time I'm always thinking I'm less than because of my obesity and the way it makes me look.

5.  I have pre diabetic symptoms

6.  I have hypertension

7.  I no longer wanted to medicate with food...I wanted to address the issues that set me into patterns of overeating...(a difficult childhood and some strange family dynamics with my family of origin).

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  1. Hello! I am so excited to be your first follower! Congrats on making the decision for improved health. :)